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Bornstein Accused Schiller of Taking Trump’s Medical Records

Schiller and the raid gang

Early last year, a superior aide at the White House who happened to be an old-time private bodyguard to President Trump, in collaboration with the senior attorney working for Trump Organization, went in New York in company of another unknown man to pay an unfriendly visit to the president’s doctor. The visit was unannounced. The men went there to take every document that contained Trump’s medical history.

Dr. Harold Bornstein called the action a ‘foray’ which took place only 48 hours after Dr. Bornstein reported in one press publication that Trump just got a prescription for hair extension after many years.

Bornstein feels that coming out now to talk about the 2017 raid is the best thing because of Dr. Jackson’s pending appointment as the Veteran Department boss

The doctor said while answering questions from journalists inside his office located at Park Avenue, that the men really scared him and made him sorrowful. He said he saw it as a ‘molestation’. Keith Schiller came to him in company of another huge fellow to get Trump’s history early on the 3rd of February, 2017. Dr. Bornstein said that the men were in his office for like half an hour and their presence caused serious unrest.

According to Bornstein, the raiders ordered that a large framed portrait of Trump and Bornstein which was hung in the office at the reception area should be put down. It’s currently placed under a pile of sheet inside the doctor’s bookshelf. He also reported that he didn’t get an approval form for the discharge of the confidential files.

The form had Trump’s signature and it’s referred to as a ‘HIPAA discharge’. This is an infringement of the law guarding patient confidentiality. A close source who is knowledgeable about the issue explained that a note from one Dr. Ronny Jackson who works for the White House was sent to Bornstein. However, he couldn’t tell if a discharge form was fixed to the letter.

Schiller was the serving director under the Oval Office operations management for the White House at that time

Who has the right to patients’ health files?

A medical analyst, Dr. John Torres, noted that if Dr. Jackson happened to be the one in charge of the treatments and he needed the health files of the person he’s treating, another relevant doctor has the responsibility to supply the materials for him so as to facilitate the continuation of the treatments. Torres added that the documents, however, should be provided in a guarded manner. Anybody who is not in possession of HIPAA authorization should not be allowed to see such records kept for the patient.

Normally, patients have their health files in their possessions, says a legal expert, Danny Cevallos. However, the authentic files belong legally to the doctor who released them. He went further to say that the state law in New York demands that a health provider manages the history for a minimum of 6 years. This means that a medical personnel who gave out his authentic records are in danger of breaking the state law in New York.

Bornstein explained that the authentic and the one copy has Trump’s outline, which included reports from the lab written in the name of Trump. It was also written in the professional name of his company done for the president.

Another man who is the top legal official for Trump Organization, Alan Garten, was added to Schiller’s men to raid the doctor’s office. Melissa, his wife, made duplicates of her husband’s official card.

Garten’s representative hinted that the doctor deliberately provided the health history to Schiller when the White House asked for them. The representative described the operation as peaceful, well coordinated, and friendly. Bornstein already received the notification before he gave the documents to the men, where he was intimated on the purposes of the records, says the representative.

Bornstein has been Trump’s personal doctor for almost 4 decades

Healthiest president alive?

Bornstein explained that he decided to come out with this issue after he read reports which showed that Dr. Jackson is not going back to his job because of his appointment to oversee the Veterans Department. Jackson was rumored to have carelessly recommended drugs for pain at the White House. Bornstein called this a moment of jubilation.

However, Jackson disclaimed the allegations of recommending wrong medications. When Trump was having his campaign, Bornstein stated in a note categorically that the president was gifted with an amazing and unbelievable health, which would make him the most healthy president to ever live. However, Bornstein later said that he only cracked a joke with that compliment. The letter was published in 2015 by Trump campaign.

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