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Trump Calls Daniels’ Drawing Fraud, She Sues Him To Court

Trump calls Daniels a Fraudulent Woman

The scandalous actress and adult movie sensation, Stephanie Clifford, aka ‘Stormy Daniels’, recently sued President Trump to court over alleged defamatory statements he made in one of his tweets. According to the suit, the tweet said a forensic description of the man she said bullied her around 2011 looks like “a complete fraudulent work.”

Daniels claims that in 2006, she and Trump had an intimate relationship and she was thereafter cautioned by one anonymous fellow not to ever say it out, and that was five years after. This story came after Daniels did an interactive session with one gossip publication.

Daniels is back in court over Trump case for the second time around because the president called her forensic drawing work “a complete fraud”

In April this year, the actress cooperated with a forensic expert to draw a depiction of a man whom she alleged approached her when she was in one parking area at Las Vegas. The man said to her that she should let the president be and discard the issue surrounding the affair. She continued that the man menacingly hinted her that she would experience something terrible in her life if she refused to heed to his orders.

The charge which was filed on Monday at the Manhattan-federal court focused on one specific Twitter message dated back to 18th of April, via the president’s Twitter handle. Trump reportedly responded to a Twitter user’s tweet concerning the artistic depiction.

Trump had tweeted that the drawing was years ago and the person in the drawing didn’t exist. The president then called it “a complete fraudulent work,” which was targeted at taking the media for granted by sharing falsified news, even though they are aware of it.

The lawsuit also claims that his comments mean that he called Daniels a liar who formulated the bully story and opened her up to mockery and aggressive dangers.

According to the suit, President Trump leveraged on his position in the country and foreign followers who amount to millions just to paint Ms. Clifford as a deceptive person, in a bid to ridicule and bully her in the face of the world, says the petition.

Sarah Huckabee is not spared from this heat because she also recently defended the president, claiming the presidency already had victory over the Stormy Daniels saga

Not Ready to Give up

Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, stated that it doesn’t matter whoever the concerned person is or his/her position in the country, nobody is legally allowed to formulate comments just because he/she wants to mislead people. He added that such actions have penalties.

The matter was transferred to Judge Jesse Furman. Then, Furman sent a court order to the president that same week. Furman was the past investigator who got endorsed by the former American president, Barack Obama. He’s been on the bench under the federal government and that started in 2012. Recently, he canceled a lawsuit filed against the legendary Hollywood movie producer, Harvey Weinstein, which bordered on molestation and was done by his PA. The dismissal was based on lack of authority by the court.

This new lawsuit filed by Daniels to accuse the president of wrongdoing would be the second in a row. At the beginning of the year, Daniels charged Trump and Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, to court in order to make them cancel a private agreement which she appended her signature on few days prior to the presidential campaign of 2016. She was given $130,000.

A week before, a judge from the federal court placed the lawsuit on pause for about 3 months because of Mr. Cohen’s current entanglement in the probe that involved the bribes paid to the actress. However, the White House disclaimed the accusations and called them fake.

Trump Denies Being Part of the “hush” cash

President Trump said that Cohen has always worked out his legal cases, even the weirdest ones, like the Stormy Daniels fracas

In early April when Trump was about to board Air Force One, he said to the newsmen that there was no knowledge of the bribes worth $130,000 given to Daniels. When Cohen was asked, he said the ‘hush’ payment was from his own personal pockets and there has been no refund from Trump Organization, although he didn’t directly say that Trump didn’t pay it back.

In 2011, Daniels went through a polygraph examination and the expert who conducted the exercise agreed that she told the truth about her intercourse with the president in 2006 and the copulation was done without protection. The examination was taken when one magazine asked for it. The magazine had done an interview for her at the time concerning the story but it wasn’t published then.

She argues that the secretive agreement which she was made to sign 2 years ago was not authentic because the president didn’t put his signature on it. Counsels for Michael Cohen and President Trump claims that the American leader didn’t take part in the act, and that’s why he couldn’t sign it.

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