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A Donor Couldn’t Cancel His Monthly Pledges to Clinton’s Group, Despite Trying Everything

No Cancel Option

A provision was not made for donors of Hillary Clinton’s organization which is nonprofit to undo their pledges, a man from Seattle was made to discover this recently. The man is one of the sponsors for Clinton’s group and he usually gives a certain sum of money to the foundation every month.

However, he decided to halt his donations but to his surprise, he couldn’t do so because no option for pledge donation was made available, close sources said. The name of the organization is Onward Together, established in 2016 after Clinton lost the presidential contest to President Donald Trump.

Koscielniak was appalled when his monthly pledge was deducted even after he thought he had successfully canceled it

The 29-year-old sponsor, Corey Koscielniak, told reporters that he attempted to halt the contributions to Onward Together, a sum of $10.48 that keeps repeating itself. Koscielniak decided to do so because of the small details that were released on the way Onward Together has been using the funds.

Koscielniak wrote a petition to the office of the Attorney General based in the state of Washington, and his statements contained some untold activities of the group in collecting contributions from donors. He said that Onward Together collects the full details of payment, but doesn’t offer any option of changing or striking out contributions as long as the first pledged fund is paid.

Organizations founded for political purposes usually adopt radical strategies sometime ago whenever they request for donations, most times, they make use of explosive emails just to coerce their prospective sponsors.

Reports gathered from a reliable source said that there was one particular email of such nature, delivered to one prospective supporter for Clinton by the name Heather. This was done after eleven months from the presidential polls in 2016, and the contents looked like it was written by Clinton herself.

Forceful and emotional emails are usually sent to donors to capture their hearts and make them to start donating to OT

Clinton’s thought-provoking message

She was reported to have said that a stale joke told a story of how she took some lengthy strolls into the wilds when the election day had passed. The message continued that truly, she did and she re-emerged, fully set to struggle for the American vision with a better justifiable and better all-round country. She reportedly added that she plans to do this by giving support to the wonderful teams and spearheaders who inspire people, push them to arrange and contest for public posts.

Then the email concluded by saying that Clinton hoped Heather was also ready to do the same and thereafter, she invited him to join the train of foundational benefactors of Onward Together, and the monthly contributions should start with $10 per donation.

Koscielniak started making his own contributions by last year May. He dedicated weeks to the cause with the goal of sticking to that same amount and make bank account changes.

Onward Together is excluded from paying tax

Mrs. Clinton established Onward Together last year in order to assist the progressive organizations that need to raise funds. According to the organization’s official website, Onward Together provides inductions to counselors and benefactors, as well as teaching. Reliable sources pointed out that Onward Together group has its code in the files of the federal records, and it’s called ‘501(c)(4).’ This code means that OT is exempted from paying taxes as a social-goodwill organization without any requirements that discloses its sponsors.

The director for communications working for the politician, Nick Merrill, explained that OT group provided not less than $1 million in aids to “several bodies”. OT has the vision to go beyond that by next year.

Hillary Clinton was recently exposed through FEC on a money-laundering controversy involving her Victory Fund (HVF) and Democratic National Committee

Koscielniak sought assistance from the Attorney General in the person of Bob Ferguson. Together, they located a recently developed “cancel” key option on the website created for the organization and used it. However, by the following month, Koscielniak was surprised to found out that another monthly contribution of $10.48 had been deducted from the account he uses.

Merril assured newsmen that the case of Koscielniak’s deduction has been repaired already and the organization will ensure that such mix up does not occur again, either to Koscielniak or anyone else.

For now, Koscielniak will not be able to confirm if the supposed “mistaken deduction” has been undone until the new month when he would get another bank statement.

Although he’s not absolutely upset with Mrs. Clinton, yet he informed newsmen that he was shocked because he believes that the Democrats are politicians who should be supporting other citizens and shouldn’t involve themselves in such bigger and broader industrial venture.

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