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30-Year-Old Man Ordered to Leave Parents’ Home

A couple filed a case against their son at the Supreme Court of the New York City after unsuccessful attempts to convince their son to move out from their residence. The judge who presided over this bizarre case between the couple and their child, ruled in their favor, asking the 30-year-old to find another place to call home. It became necessary for the Judiciary to step into the issue when the young man refused to leave his parent residence after the couple had done their best to speak and tolerate the ordeal that ensued after their request, for months.

The couple filed a case against their son at the Supreme Court of the New York City Judge. Donald Greenwood told Michael Rotondo― the son of the couple― that he no longer wanted to see him in the household

Rotondo was not happy when he heard the stand of the judge and made his opinion known to the court and all that were in it. He said that the decision of the judge was outrageous and he would appeal against it. He further expressed that he needed more time to get things in order before leaving the residence and could not understand why it was difficult for the court and his parent to exercise further patience.

Justice Donald, who has followed the case for a time now, expressed to the court that he had already ruled on the matter. Besides, he revealed that this was not the first time they had served the young man notice to evacuate the premises. In fact, he said that numerous times they had given Rotondo the necessary document for him to pack but he refused and argued as his attorney that he needed more time.

The young man, after seeing that Justice Donald was firm in his decision, went closer to his bench to request for final consideration; one more chance to get things in order so he could leave.  The judge expressed that he had already passed judgment on the case.

Michael Rotondo, the son of Mark Rotondo and Christiana Rotondo

Michael Rotondo’s say

After the matter was concluded, lots of people present approached Michael to hear his opinion on the state of things. He expressed to the public that he had no idea where to lay his head now and had the intention to get his things from his parent’s home in Camillus, New York.

Michael further expressed that what occurred at the court was the fruit of a long time of not being on good terms with his parents. According to him, he moved into his parent’s home eight years ago. However, when he lost his job, he had nowhere to turn.

When his mum, Christiana Rotondo, and his father, Mark Rotondo were approached to acknowledge their side of the story, they simply declined any attempt made to hear from them, including their lawyer.

Justice Donald Greenwood employed the assistance of the State’s Protective Service. He requested that the security institution looks after the parents of the young man to ensure no harm comes to them.

The Reason for court action

It is not the first time that Mark Rotondo and his wife have asked the 30-year-old to leave their home. According to the documents presented in the court, the couple has even gone to the extent of offering Michael $1,100 to pack his things and leave.

When asked about the money given, Michael expressed that it was true that the money was handed to him, but he did not do the needful to find a new place to live. Instead, as he puts it, he had other necessities that took the fund.

Further Story on the case

Further findings revealed that the parents of the 30-year-old have, in time past, sent the young man lots of written letters asking him to vacate the residence. According to the information received, the occurrence started far back February of this year, 2018, and the couple got compelled by his on-bulging attitude to file a case against him in the Onondaga County Court. Despite this move that Mark and Christiana made, Michael remained resilient in his determination to stay fixed.

During the court proceedings, a time came when Michael requested that the Judge should give him an extended six months to sort things out and leave. After Justice Greenwood refused to grant the young man’s desire, he changed his position and asked that he be given around three months. According to his statement, Michael said he was not looking toward to staying with his parents after three months, and that he never got food or laundry services from them. Hence, he is not a bother to the couple.

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