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Breaking: North Korea Just Began Disassembling Its Nuclear Testing Site

North Korea is now expected to relax its restrictions as regards their previous stand about their air space limitations and other economic interactions as well as better foreign media access than before.

Open Invitation to Media Houses

The air space opening will no longer be done in the secret as North Korea invites foreign media platforms to grace the occasion from the United States of America, south Korea, as well as other interested countries. They intend to bring in foreign reporters by taking them through China, where the landing of the aircraft will be (Wonsan, China).

The U.S president, Trump is highly pleased at the decision of North Korea, as he tweeted in accordance to the announcement of the decision. The dismantle test of the nuclear site was fixed to take place between May 23 and 25, the expected guests are to board a luxurious train which is said to be situated in a deep mountain arena very close to Mount Mantap.

Trump’s extremely happy about North Korea’s Decision

The dismantling of the nuclear site was announced last month by Kim Jong Un, who made a vow to bring down the testing site which was located at Punggye-ri. Moon’s press chief secretary made mention of the fact that some quarters claimed they were dismissing dysfunctional facilities.

He claimed this was not however the case, as there still existed two tunnels which are bigger than the ones currently in existence, and also not forgetting the fact that they were in a good condition.

Kim Announced earlier this week the Dismantling Of The Nuclear Testing Site

Nuclear Testing Site Shows Instability

The nuclear program is expected to be a major negotiating factor for North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, when he meets with Moon Jae-in, the South Korean president at a momentous summit this week. Also, the summit is meant to discuss further on the meeting between Trump and Kim which is scheduled to hold at another summit either in May or in June.

Reports have claimed that the test site is buried under Mount Mantap, and currently the Mount was said to have been unstable. As a matter of fact, this volatility caused an unusually large earthquake after a test which was conducted in September. As claimed, satellites were said to have recorded images of the mountain moving above the site during the earthquake. However, several specialists in Nuclear matters have claimed that the above reports on the Earthquake was quite skeptical.

Kim too, was not left out in the doubt game. He however assured the country that security specialists and journalists would be requested to monitor the site’s closure.

John Bolton Speaks On The Uncertainty Of Kim’s Denuclearization Promises

On the other hand, John Bolton, the national security adviser stated that Trump’s administration did not fully take Kim’s words for it. He claimed that, not until North Korea carries out the denuclearization before The U.S. makes other advantageous offers to North Korea.

North Korea Seeks ICAO Approval To Open An International Airline Route

North Korea is an associate member state with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), they are fully in compliance with the policies as regards overflight and other air space principles laid down by the ICAO. The ICAO is an agency created by the united nations, it is involved in organizing the techniques and principles of the international airline navigation and promote the planning and developmental processes of air transport to guarantee safety and steady growth.

Considering all the previous decisions of North Korea in reference to the international relationship with other country, it might not be expected. However, the North Korean air traffic is no as strict as the world pictures it to be, because the fee for overflight is not too expensive in relation to some other well advanced countries. The united states of America (USA) tries to regulate the overflight fee structure for air crafts owned and managed by the US.

Moreover, a lot of airliners do fly over or overfly in north Korea, due to the fact that the airspace is not too big moving in and out that part of the world. However, as much as airliner do take the airspace, some countries do instruct their airliners to endeavor not to take the airspace for safety purposes.

In accordance with the Straits Times, the reports given with reference to the airspace opening and developments in aviation of the North Korean Airline was given, as the country tendered a request with the ICAO for opening the International Airline routes.

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