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Breaking: North Korea Has just Released Three USA Prisoners!

As the president of the country, Kim Jung Un takes another position, the US has agreed to meet up with the country leader if a set of requirements are met. One of the requests is the release of America’s citizens held in.

To honor this agreement, the president of North Korea has taken the needed actions to ensure the citizens of USA who are held in the country’s prison yard, are released. To that effect, Kim Dong Chul, Kim Haksong, and Kim Sang-Duk, have been released. The three detainees after they were brought out from jail, where taken to the needed facility where they had their Ideological education.

Also, healthcare services were administered to them after the release to ensure they were ready to be reabsorbed by the society.

Three Americans jailed in North Korea got released and are now undergoing rehabilitation

John Bolton

John Bolton, the adviser to the president of the United States of Hawkish National security expressed that the move by Kim Jong Un was necessary to sow the sincerity in the country.

He also said that the present administration is always on the lookout for ways to free their citizens from wherever they are being headed outside their motherland. Hence, it is of great importance to Trump and the administration that the government of North Korea take the vital step.

Prior to the move of Kim Jong Un, the adviser to the president of the united states said that they were on the watch out for the response of the country towards their demand as the unscheduled historic meeting between the two presidents hung on the choice they make.

John Bolton is Donald Trump’s adviser for Hawkish National security

Now that the country has taken a step in the right direction, they are looking good in the eyes of America.

American Citizens Finally Home

One of the detainees prior to his release was brought before a court and found guilty of espionage. As a punishment to his crime, he was given a 10 years sentence of hard labor. This event occurred in 2016.

The second prisoner was a teacher in one of the most prestigious schools in the country that majors in technology and science. He was jailed alongside his fellow student for suspicion regarding hostility. This event transpired in 2017. The third captive is the student of the second mentioned above. He was locked behind bars with his fellow student in 2017 due to fear of hostility.

One spy, two scholars comprise of the three American citizens freed this Wednesday in North Korea

The true importance of their release…

History has shown that the country treats US citizens who are detained within its region cruelly. An example of such brutality is the recent situation that occurred in 2017.

An individual named Otto F. Warmbier suffered a brutal condition in the prison for 17 months. After his release, he died. His parents had claimed that the man lived through torture in the prison and under further investigation by a coroner, the reveal of him retaining a massive brain injury came to light.

Prior to his capture, jail, and release, Otto F. Warmbier was an American college student. He was handed over to his family while in a coma. Few days after his release, Otto never saw the break of dawn again.

North Korean New Position

The country, as part of its determination to be re-accepted by other countries, after its decision to continue nuclear testing despite a contrary stand of neighboring countries and the united states, has made a pledge.

The country has decided to join hand with South Korea to end the Korean War. To that effect, the country has agreed to the denuclearization of the Peninsula. Aside from this commitment, the country has also decided to disease from its missile and nuclear testing. Nevertheless, as part of the US commitment to encouraging the growth of peace, they have demanded that American troops in the Peninsula be recalled home.

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