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Busted! Trump Spent Time in Russia Despite Claiming He Was in The U.S.

What Really Happened?

The night before the day of Miss Universe competition, president Donald Trump was recorded to have flown in Russia. This occurred in 2013. Why is this is important you might ask. The answer to that question is that the President denied ever going to Moscow the night before the contest when FBI former director, James Comey questioned him.

Despite the claim, his flight records entirely disagree with him. Bloomberg was able to retrieve Trump’s flight record which revealed that the 45th president of the United States spent the night in Ritz Carlton, Moscow.

James Comey released a journal that reveals Trump denying his stay in Moscow

Trump’s Conversation with Comey

There is only been a week since the Memo of the former FBI director was made public. This handbook was his companion during the time he was still active in office. Within it shows the proceed of his conversation with Donald Trump. It unveils that the president had denied touching down at Moscow during his trip. It is on record in his journal that Trump had spoken twice that he had not spent the night in Russia.

Contrary to the President’s statement, a flight record shows that Trump Organization partner had its jet fly to Moscow on Thursday night. The private plane finally arrived at the country early hours of the Friday morning in the 8th of November.

The plane later left the country on Sunday morning. However, it should be on notice that it was not indicated who was on board the aircraft during those moments.

Trump’s Statement

Donald Trump attending the beauty pageant in Moscow

According to the narration of the Director, James Comey, the president had told him that while on his way to the contest, he was in the midst of other people who were heading the same way with him. He further said that Trump stressed that he had contacted the said persons and they reminded him that he did not spend the night in the country. The director said that this was part of the conversation he had with the president on 28th of January 2017.

He recalled that the president said that he arrived that morning and participated in some activities. Then, he went to the hotel, showered, and got dressed for the beauty contest and left. When it was done, he returned to the same hotel and got ready to move that same night for New York.

Aras Agalarov’s Statement

When approached, the host of Miss Universe, Agalarov, said that the plane of Donald Trump was received in Vnukovo Airport. This is the same airport that lies an hour distance from Ritz. The time of arrival was in the early morning of November 8, according to information gotten from Bloomberg.

Before the president attended the birthday party of the beauty pageant host, he was photographed at a local restaurant named Nobu Moscow. The restaurant owners decided to step out with the picture revealing the president standing outside their eatery joint on the same day of Aras Agalarov birthday.

Tweet Evidence

While the president decided to deny spending a night in Moscow, his tweet holds him guilty. On November 9 the president tweeted on how lovely the city of Moscow is and how he has enjoyed his tour of the region. From his tweet, it was revealed that the president was at Ritz.

Bloomberg’s Side of Story

Bloomberg expressed that Trump attended the Miss Universe beauty pageant. After the event, the president decided to participate in the after party which ran into the Sunday morning, on November 10, 2013.

From the flight record, it was revealed that the jet of Trump’s partner in business later left the country at 3.58 AM and arrived at the Newark N.J in the early hours of Sunday morning, 4:11 AM.

The statement of Keith Schiller, Donald Trump’s previous Bodyguard, says it all

In conclusion

While Donald Trump boldly lied to the FBI former director, James Comey of his night in Russia, his post and the comment of his Bodyguard says otherwise.

When brought before Congress last year, the former protector of the president explained to Congress how a Russian proposed to organize a private party for them at their room but they laughed at the offer because he and his boss do not role that way.

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