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Critics Furious about Trump’s Unpleasant Paralympics’ Comments

The Paralympics Games ceremony is an annual sporting event specially created for physically-challenged sport men and women worldwide. This event usually brings with it precious moments that always linger in the memories of its viewers. However, someone did not found the sporting exhibitions beautiful or easy to understand. The person is none other than the US president, Donald Trump.

A difficult sport for the president to appreciate

President Trump described the sporting event as a ‘difficult tournament to view’. However, few hours after he said that the organizers of the Paralympic Games came out to invite the leader to be part of viewers with a population running into billions all over the world. The association urged the president to also get inspired through special moments shared during the tournament just like others are doing.

The president’s comments about the Paralympic Games was a reminder of his unfriendly behavior towards a disabled journalist in 2016

This message was passed across by the organization via its Twitter page last Saturday. The organizers tweeted that a large amount of viewers across the globe did not see the Paralympics as something difficult to see. The tweet added that people running into billions are currently consuming the sports program in a huge number of nations worldwide due to its simplicity. Meanwhile, President Trump should join other Americans and see the games and get motivated by the actions and thrills, the Paralympics said.

This message was a fast reply to President Trump’s comments which he made during the ceremony held on the 27th of April. The purpose of the gathering was to pay honor to the 2018 edition of the Paralympic Games. This year’s edition is being hosted by South Korea and the venue is PyeongChang.

Trump started by saying that the sports event looked very wonderful and very motivational to him. Then he added that he saw it, but it was a bit difficult for him to view, yet he watched it to the best of his ability.

USA was the host of the 1984 edition of the Paralympic Games in New York and Stoke Mandeville

Trump causes uproar

Consequently, many people did not find those statements amusing in any way, as there arose immediate critics on the internet who became interested and also angry at his words. A lot of commentators brought back the memory of a particular encounter in 2016 when President Trump was earnestly flying his presidential propaganda. The incidence showed how Trump indirectly made fun of one journalist who was physically challenged. However, the president disclaimed the allegation.

So many Twitter users thronged the internet to offload their views about Trump’s seemingly impolite and arrogant attitude towards people living with a disability. A user by the name Adam Rippon was among them. The user tweeted that he didn’t have any regrets for not attending this year’s event.

Another person, Cher, tweeted that Americans should see their president who finds it difficult to avoid hurting people. Cher went on to mention Trump’s confession during the First Lady’s birthday that he was too busy to buy gifts for her. Cher felt bad because Trump has really been hurting Melania and she’d gone through a lot due to his ways. Perhaps, wrote Cher, it would have been better if he’d missed out on a golf game instead.

Twitter Bashings Continue

The Paralympic Games event was established in 1960

Adding to the already-blazing atmosphere, Steve Silberman, another commentator expressed his disdain for the American leader by reminding other users of Trump’s ridiculing display towards the disabled journalist at his election campaign. As if that wasn’t enough, says Silberman, Trump added that he viewed the special Olympic games for the physically challenged difficult to view.

He concluded by asking if there has ever existed a leader with so much disgust for the disabled individuals, and who wasn’t even careful not to show it in public.

David Jolly, a radical Twitter commentator, used a rather aggressive approach to address the issue. Jolly started by saying that games with such qualities such as flexibility, bravery, determination, stamina, dignity, and coordination, are not only simple to see but also motivating.

The angry user went on to point out that the only difficult thing to watch are the statements made by Trump and his government. He compared the Paralympics athletes as more appealing angels who are in the society, and that’s why they are engaging themselves on the field, rather than ripping off the White House.

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