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Debbie Wasserman Sees NRA as Similar to Terrorist Groups


On Tuesday, the National Rifle Association received some backlash from Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla), she doled out some hard-hearted words, irrespective of whatever form of familiarity existed.

This backlash from Debbie stemmed from the action of the new president of the group, who allegedly attacked those students who survived the shoot-out which occurred in Parkland, Florida. She accused the president of the group of participating in domestic terrorism.

Debbie Wasserman Brands Terrorist Groups and the NRA as the Same

Debbie stated that there was really no difference between the NRA and a terrorist group. This statement was taken by HuffPost. She further stated that all their actions which were being carried out were done in a bid to promote everything which relates to brutality and savagery. This was because there was a supposed expansion of weapons across the country.

Speaking in a dialogue with The Washington Times sometimes during the previous week, the just-appointed president of the NRA, Oliver North, blamed students whose mates were victims of the shoot-out. He said they were responsible for employing fear, provocation, and wrongdoing. All these were against the anti-gun labors which was newly launched. Around 17 people of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school died during the sad incident.

Oliver North Blames Parkland Students Over the Shot-Out

North further opined that the name which the students call themselves should be ditched. Rather, they should be termed as terrorists which operated domestically.


Oliver North has had quite a history. He happened to be a retired lieutenant colonel of the marine corps who carried out his duties on the board of directors of the National Rifle Association. He is also heavily associated with the Iran-Contra weapons scandal which occurred sometime during the 1980s. He was discovered to have ordered the sales of firearms to Iran, which at that time, had been banned from using them. The money he received from these sales, was used to champion the course of rebel efforts against the Nicaragua government.

North was, therefore, said to have been found guilty of three crimes which were connected to the plot. This comprised preventing the look into of the case by the Congress, by obliterating the evidence. Later on, he was cleared based on the supposed fact that the evidence used in the case had been fouled.

Nonetheless, Debbie found it hard to believe that North with his past records, still went ahead to accuse the young set of people who basically stood up for what was right, in a bid to ensure the safety of people.

Referring to the dreadful days of Jim Crow, whose laws were responsible for the death of innocent people who were fighting for a just cause, Debbie pointed out that the continuous death of people was hinged on the fact that, firearms were touching more hands, and this was propagated by the NRA. Sadly, the NRA deemed it fit not to take the right action.

Aside Debbie Wasserman who was in charge of the Democratic National Committee between 2011-2016, Representatives Alcee Hastings and also Ted Deutch who happened to be Florida Democrats, also blamed the remarks made by North, which stated that the students who died were champions who had no fear or regard for the NRA.

In the wake of the colossal shooting, many students have come out with a uniform voice and created a movement, which called for the restraint of guns, in order to prevent gun violence. This movement is seen as a threat to NRA. Among their demands,  the restraint of firearms of all grades is included, and also the legalization of the purchase of firearms, which would be followed by an investigation into the potential buyer’s past. The movement by these students is however yet to be effected in the gun laws of the federal government.


Nevertheless, Debbie Wasserman’s state and other as well have gone ahead to commence this restriction. Sometime in March, the governor of Florida, Rick Scott put to law a three-day expectant period of gun acquisition. The minimum age for gun acquisition was raised to 21 years. Also, the police are licensed with more audacity to impound firearms from some individuals. The NRA, however, was against all these actions.

North, however, stated that nothing has changed, and the status quo would still be maintained. Debbie Wasserman then replied to North, stating that their claim was like that of a witless child, who denies the true existence of something staring them right in their face.

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