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Democratic Lawmaker Wants Semi-Automatic Rifles Banned and Repurchased by Owners

Swalwell’s Idea

Gun violence has been responsible for multiple deaths in the US, increasing the high rate of insecurity in the country. A recent example is the February 14 tragedy at Parkland high school, where 17 lives were lost and several others injured. Many organizations have risen to advocate for tougher gun regulations in the American legislation, and recently, a congress member has also lent his voice to the cause.

The semi-automatic powerful rifle designed like a military weapon has been proposed to be banned, and the suggestion was passed by one lawmaker from the Democratic party, Eric Swalwell. He added that those who already own it should be compelled to put up their firearms for sale or be ready to be penalized. This is a big deviation from previous gun regulation bills that normally exclude old weapons.

A Democrat, Eric Swalwell, has just deviated from the known bills on gun control in the U.S., suggesting the rule of re-purchasing guns and recovering existing firearms from owners

A newspaper article headlined “Powerful firearms must be banned, re-purchase them, chase the resisters,” Eric Swalwell from California, debated the issue last Thursday that previous suggestions to outlaw assault firearms would give room to a large number of semi-automatics in the environments for many years into the future.

The lawmaker suggested that government needs to provide at least $1,000 each for every single firearm that is affected by the new prohibiting law, evaluating the situation in such a way that may require $15 billion in sums to re-purchase approximately 15 million firearms and convict as criminals anyone who refused to comply to the repurchasing law by hiding his or her firearms.

Prior to this time, gun protection bodies and the Democrats have cautiously rejected bills that may be translated as ‘seizing of weapons’, and this particular concept has been usually conjured by gun advocates, as being among an unstable debate against some moderate suggestions such as general background scrutiny.

Swalwell was straight-forward when he talked on these issues, arguing that he had always been very courteous with his other colleagues in the Democratic party to the devotees of the Second Amendment and needs to learn from the hint given after the teenagers who survived the Parkland killing surfaced.

According to the Democrat, something unfamiliar and unique is happening in the case of the students who escaped the Marjory High School disaster, and there are new demands. They disregarded the modesty in, compatibility that the lawmakers provided for a long time concerning the Second Amendment, Swalwell said. He pointed out that he’s also a party to this unfairness because he tells other units and journalists that the Congress can safeguard people’s lives and the Second Amendment.

Eric Swalwell wrote in one article that his proposal on semi-automatic guns was motivated by Australia

Australia’s smart way of curtailing gun crimes

He continued by writing in the newspaper article that the privilege to be alive is way above every other thing. Swalwell explained that his principle is inspired by the compulsory laws on repurchasing guns which is stipulated in Australia. The laws were established in a preservative administration’s style after, in a 1996 incidence, one gun bearer murdered 35 victims at one famous tourist location. Proponents ascribed a strong cut-down on gun aggression to the campaign and since that year, Australia has not experienced another round of resembling massacre through shooting.

He applauded Australia for the wise move, saying that the country got the right solution. Although many political figures and devotees, such as the former U.S president, Barack Obama, were impressed with the achievement made by Australia to curtail gun crimes and calling it a motivation, yet no popular personality has suggested such idea to America to create laws in that fashion.

Australia took the bull by the horn when the country hosted an extremely reduction onslaught on gun possessions in 1996, after a man massacred many people 

One of the popular bodies for gun protection, Giffords Law Center, are also proposing stronger background scrutiny and giving feedback on the requirements for old semi-automatic firearms as a new production embargo, but these organizations are yet to invite possessors to step forward and sell or demolish them.

A lot of professionals in policy-making who are in support of stronger gun regulations have cautioned against a policy of mass seizure of guns which they believe would be hard to enact due to the insufficient materials from the federal government, as well as the widely spread fame of such rifles enlisted for the proposed ban.

The vice president for Brady Campaign initiative, Kris Brown, said that he believed it’s clear, going by the activities that the organization back up, that the proposal is all about controlling guns to stop them from getting into the wrong hands, but it’s not all about seizing guns. Brady Campaign preaches against crimes caused by guns as well.

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