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Famous Celebrities Who Were Paid A Fortune To Lose Some Major Weight – Did They Use Diet Pills?

Oh, how we can be overcome by jealousy when we open a magazine and see celebrities with stunning bodies, while we struggle with flabby tummies and big booties. Not only that, but these top stars have been paid unbelievable paychecks to slim down. Although some of the sacrifices were intense – these celebs all received a whopping amount of money while losing weight (that’s a win-win if you ask us). If only the rest of us were being paid to do the same, then our checking account would be the only fat thing left. How does a six-figure paycheck sound as a fat burner?

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Jessica Simpson – 50 pounds – $3 Million

Struggling to lose that excess baby fat and cellulite? You are not alone. Jessica Simpson gained a lot of weight after she gave birth to her son Maxwell. In fact, she packed on so much weight that Weight Watchers had to step in and offer her $3 million to have her shed off 50 pounds (losing weight AND getting a fat paycheck? Sign us up!). They also provided her with free nutrition advice and a diet plan. Being a mother of two had her running around constantly. She got her fitness fix and cashed her paycheck looking like a hot mum. We are glad you are looking so good, Jessica.

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