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Japan Feels The United States Has Infringed On Its Rights- Informs The WTO


Japan has informed the World Trade Organization about their entitlement to take certain opposing measures against the United States of America, as regards the levies placed on the importation of steel and aluminum as well.

Japan happens to be the foremost partner of the United States, that did not obtain immunity from Donald Trump, the President of the U.S., in relation to his resolution to place import levies of around 25 percent on steel and a lower 10 percent on aluminum.

Now, the Japanese government is expected to make resolutions to re-stabilize the action based on the decisions reached by the U.S., also bearing in mind the probable consequences which could be handed out by Tokyo, putting Japanese companies at the receiving end.

The U.S. Introduces New Import Structure

Japan’s Foreign Affairs Minister Announces Resistance to The United States New Import Rules

The department of foreign affairs in Japan has enlightened the World Trade Organization that they had claims to offer resistance to the newly-introduced scheme of the United States.

It was reported that the U.S. had placed tariffs on the trade in of both steel and aluminum. This report was said to have been given by the ministry on Friday. Still bearing in mind that Japan is the recipient of this new step taken by the United States, even though they happen to be one of the key associates of the U.S.

Japan Makes Their Right Known To The WTO

Japan further made the WTO realize that they had full rights to place tariffs from goods which are meant to be brought in by the U.S. These goods are meant to be worth around $450 million, this is equal to the effect of the newly enacted U.S. tariffs on metal products which are manufactured by the Japanese.

The president of the U.S. was reported to have ignited panics about causing a trade conflict when he announced the tariffs placements in March. This was done chiefly to focus on China and some countries belonging to the European Union too.

Trump Speaks on Issues Such As Imports Which Affects National Security

It should be made known that for some decades, the United States had struggled to achieve an open and unrestricted trade. Trump asserted that the continuous huge influx of imports into the U.S. had threatened issues bordering her national security. Washington had reportedly permitted Europe and a host of other countries from facing imposed tariffs, leaving Japan and other countries have to face the tariffs imposition.

It was then reported that China had set up measures, to ensure that they get back at the U.S., and pay them in their own coin, while Japan had resulted in winning this case by ensuring that they come to a round table with the U.S.  The absence of retribution statements, measures and attempts on the side of Japan, putting aside their disdain at the actions of Donald Trump, the president of the United States, they are quite optimistic that they can still achieve victory in this case, if the perfect cards Are played.

Some quarters have carefully observed that Japan had thus far, been careful of the kinds of press statements they release, knowing that the international audience could misinterpret such statements, and therefore, it could further stall the case. Thus, their evaluated statements are released in a bid to still maintain whatever good relationship they have with Trump and the United States at large.

Japanese Official Terms The United States As Being Behind Technologically

A Japanese official claimed that the steel industry of the United States happened to be in the regressive mode technologically. He further added that it could take quite a long while for the U.S. to gain the endorsement of customers for the kinds of steels which is employed in aspects such as oil and even automobiles.

Industry Officials Lists Out Portions of Steel Exports to The U.S.

The action taken by the U.S. could also have a negative effect on Japan regarding the funds gotten from Japanese exports brands such as the Nippon steel, Kobe steel, and other notable brands.

In a statement released by the officials who worked in the industry, they stated that around 190,000 tons out of the 2 million tons exported to the United States, were used in the construction of top-notch pipes in deep oil wells which are located underground.

Also, about 320,000 tons are used in the manufacture of specialty steels which are highly beneficial to the automotive industry, and 170,000 tons for beefing up the railway system. The Chairman of a notable Steel company in Japan, Kosei Chindo, stated that Japan had more resources to manufacture more products than the U.S . Hence that fact had to be majored in.

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