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Kim Jong-un Frees American Prisoners as Historic Summit Comes Closer

Jong-un gives in to one of Trump’s orders

The dictatorial ruler of North Korean, Kim Jong-un, recently freed three American detainees who had been incarcerated for so many years. They were held inside the North Korean terrible jail camps.

This move by Kim Jong-Un shows that he’s giving in to one of the demands made by President Trump as preparations for the arranged summit draws close. The summit would be first of its kind when both presidents would meet despite the conflicts and enmity between both nations.

Donald Trump is not leaving room for errors as he prepares to take a trip to North Korea for a groundbreaking meeting with his long-time enemy, Kim Jong-un

A lot of assents by the North Korean leader have been going on for some time now. Some of them are his agreement to follow through on the target of stopping the nuclear weapon vision in the country’s Peninsula; and setting free three US detainees in his territory. However, these friendly gestures are not enough to allay fears in the minds of President Trump’s observers. They don’t trust Jong-Un because he may “fake it” during the dialogues and possibly strengthen the tenure of the communists in Pyongyang.

On the other hand, a lot is going on behind closed doors inside the White House. President Trump has gathered a team of strong men to put an edge on a speedy system of negotiations and support him in the dialogues concerning nuclear issues. The talks may come up not long after May, or towards June ending.

Trump’s marshall arts and the devised means used by the group he gathered through the State Department and the National Security Council have yielded victories earlier on. Notwithstanding, they still have a long way to go from persuading Jong-Un to surrender his built nuclear arms.

Pompeo, who was the former chief of CIA and is currently the Secretary of State, explained that the team is at the initial levels of its operations, while the result is yet to surely manifest. Pompeo said this during his swearing-in ceremony last Wednesday. He added that there is a sure thing, and that is, the current presidency will avoid making the same errors made years back. They have opened their eyes and the time for a solution is finally here because making a terrible mistake shouldn’t even be possible, says Pompeo.

In 1946 and in 1947, a Joint Commission formed by the Soviet Union and the US held a meeting in an attempt to facilitate unity, but extreme oppositions against Korean trusteeship frustrated the objectives

World War II started it all

The hatred between the US and North Korea has been prominent for decades. The history of the rift dates back to the World War II period.

When the World War II was going on, a deal by the Soviet Union was mediated with America during the Conference held at Yalta. The brokerage stated that Soviet Union would collaborate with the US’ struggle to overpower the Empire owned by Japan. This agreement came few months after the achieved alliance with the European Theater of Operations was done to tackle Germany. By 1910, the Japanese Armies from the empire had dominated the headland owned by Korea.

On the 10th of August in 1945, 12 weeks after Nazi Germany was conquered, the Soviet Union maintained its side of Yalta Agreement, then it attacked Japanese soldiers who were on the soil of the Koreans were shifting towards the section of the headland on the North-side. By late evening of August 10, precisely in Washington, the US Colonels; Charles H. Bonesteel III and Dean Rusk were charged with the duty of splitting the headland of Korean into American habitation zones and Soviet.

The policy of 38th parallel was integrated into the US General Order No. 1 that reacted to Japan’s succumb on August 15th. One of the Colonels, Rusk, explained that although it went far into the northern part more than where may be normally caught up to by the U.S. Army, in the case where Soviet disagreement occurs.

Efforts to foil sudden attack from North Korea

April 2018: The North and South Korean leaders and their spouses walking together to the farewell venue

America carried on the maintenance of its forces in the territory, although the amount was reduced much more than before when the Cold War was intense. This was to pay respect to consensual defense alliances with the government of South Korea which linked the defense army of the Asian country to the US military. That was when North Korea fortified its military power and possible violence. The soldiers of US present in Korea had the goal of stopping South Korea from being hit by North Korean’s potential attack. However, if the prevention did not work, then the forces were ready to conquer any danger that might hamper the power of Korean Republic.

When WWII was over, Korea split into two factions; the Northern side that took communism; the Southern side that followed a democratic system. North Korea struck  South Korea because the North wanted to harmonize the headland and took total control. However, the aggression was foiled but not the battle.

The American armies stayed behind in South Korea because it wanted to respect its consensual defense alliance with the Southern country. On the hand, North Korea believed that the presence of America there was illegal, possessing force on South Korea, a move to stop unity. However, North Korea only fought for its own desire to dominate both sides.

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