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Stacey Evans in a Landslide Victory Against Stacey Adams


The Democratic primary of Georgia was held on Tuesday this week. From the result of the poll, all got to know Stacey Abrams as the winner as she gaped her competitor by a large margin. The outcome raised the brows of the citizens of America.

Stacey Evans and Stacey Abrams were the two contenders for the just-concluded Georgia primary

Based on her performance, Stacey Abrams is about to break history in a double slam. As she mounted the position as the representative of her party for the forthcoming November election, she had the chance to become the first female head of state, for the region. Also, if she wins, she becomes the first black woman in the country to win the position of Governor.

While speaking to her supporters, the winner of the primary expressed what her victory meant to the state of Georgia. According to her, the region has stepped into a new chapter of its history.  In this era, the land of Georgia has started to experience a system where nobody is hidden, without dreams, or without the ears of the people. She said it was time for them to make this new reality become the norm.

Abrams made known these thoughts to the public while speaking to her supporters at a dinner party she organized for her victory. The dinner party was launched at Atlanta and got filled with her followers and well-wishers

Stacy Evans says on the event

After the results were declared, Stacey Evans, the other competitor for the office of Governor of Georgia backed her contender. According to her, now is the best time for the Democrats in the country to rally together and have a unified voice against President, Trump.

About the election

During the now concluded primary polls, Abrams scored 76.5% against Stacey Evans 23.5%, a land sliding victory for Democrats. The raw data of the score sheets sets Stacy Abrams ahead of her former contender with 423,163 votes against Evans 130,234.

Though Stacy Abrams is the winner of this round, there is another she has to win. The GOP has mapped out its multi-candidate primary election. The contentious election will be taking place on July 24 where the two contenders with the highest votes will be having a showdown. Despite the situation of things, with the large margin Abrams possesses, she will be having a head start in the race.

On the side of the Republicans, Lt. Gov. Cagle Casey obtained 38.9% in the GOP contest. Due to his inability to meet up to the 50% mark which is the point he needs to avoid a runoff, he will have to face Brian Kemp the State Secretary of Georgia, who came a little behind Cagle with 25.5%. This action is necessary for the Republican party so that a contender for Abrams will be ready to meet her in the field come this fall.

Why the result is important

Before and after the election, lots of Democrats have engaged themselves in debates about Stacey vs Stacey. The question had remained, which Stacey to side: winning back the white supporters through Stacy Evans or tapping into the overflowing resources of the minorities and the young people of the state through Abrams. The consideration became necessary after the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump disrupted the election of 2016.

Now, they all have finally decided on which side to lean on.

A little about Stacey Abrams

Stacy Abrams, before winning the primary election in her party, was the minority leader of the Statehouse of Georgia. In her political carrier, many view her as a rising star among her peers. Part of the deeds that boost her respect and value before fellow party members are her devotion towards turning the city blue and the fruits it has yielded.

The democrat spent years taking necessary actions to see that the residents of the region who lean toward her party need and take the step to come out and vote.

A little about Stacey Evans

Stacey Evans is of white heritage and had the chance of growing up under the care of a teenage mother. During the moments leading to the final verdict of the primaries, she vowed that she would take over the moderates in her win when the general election commences.

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