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Surveillance Report Reveals Former CIA Director as an Informant

Stefan Halper, a Cambridge University professor, has been discovered as a spy with links to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he is also alleged to have snooped on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for the FBI. This he aimed to achieve by entrapping Trump’s campaign advisers and secretly extract information from them.

The grand plan by the FBI was to use the academician to ensnare Trump’s campaign advisers, and this effort has been yielding some results. A good example is the case of Papadopoulous (Trump’s campaign adviser) who pleaded guilty to false testimony to the FBI, and Carter Page, one of Trump’s campaign advisers who was also a subject of a federal surveillance warrant.

The FBI Infiltrates Trumps Campaign Though Page And Papadopoulous

Stefan Halper, who had previously served under ex-Presidents like Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, had also met with Donald Trump’s campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis in the latter part of 2016 under the guise of a foreign policy adviser. Clovis did not suspect any foul play. Halper had already been in contact with Carter Page, and they had met quite a couple of times and even exchanged emails.

The professor, after the meeting with Sam Clovis, established contact with the young George Papadopoulous and offered him $3,000 to write an article about energy in the eastern Mediterranean region. According to newspaper reports, Halper questioned George about his link with Hilary Clinton’s private mailing internet server, this made George suspect him to be working for an intelligence agency.

Media Outlets Unruffle the Puzzle

Fired FBI director, James Comey claimed that they started spying on Trump’s campaign at the end of July 2016, whereas Intel shows that Halper and Carter Page had started meeting since the early part of the year 2016. Media agencies released reports about the FBI informant on Friday, as all needed information was released asides the name of the culprit.

However, investigation on how the dots were connected to reveal the identity of the informant, was carried out subsequently by other media outlets. On the investigation process, reports from a daily caller in March affirms that the suspected Halper called another meeting with Page and Papadopoulos.

Reports show that the professor has been receiving huge payments from the Federal Government in the previous year, specifically in the last two years. However, the issue whether he had been receiving these payments to get facts from Trump’s campaign advisers, is yet to be confirmed.

Investigation shows that for decades now, Halper has broken all the professional and personal relationships he had with the central intelligence council (CIA). Halper was also involved in spying indignity, when Bush ran against Ronald Reagan, in which some CIA official reported inlock information about GOP campaign during the Carter Administration. He is a son-in-law to the formal deputy director of the CIA, and he also served as the director of the CIA. He worked with the agency as the overseer of a spying operation on the presidential campaign during the time of George Bush in 1980.

Reports Show Strong Indicators That Halper Infiltrated 1980 Presidential Election

Trump Expresses Uneasiness

The revelation prompted Trump to express his discomfort via tweets, that he will ensure the FBI and the Federal Department of Justice, make necessary investigations on the presidential election to know if the campaign was surveilled or infiltrated for political purposes and to clear all doubts about the result. The deliberation over the semantics of how to make reference to Halper is interesting, but should be given close thought as the matter of concern is also in the same wise, a serious one.

Trump expressed his opinion about Halper’s case, and said that he should be called an informant instead of a spy, in contrast to the opinion of the FBI and the justice department, because if investigation later reveals that it is of a political purpose rather than being of National security, it would be very painful as it was capable of ruining a lot of people’s careers and sending them to prison.

Trump Tags Halper as an Informant and not a Spy

FBI reported that the name of the spying project on Trump’s Campaign was “Operation Crossfire Hurricane,” pilfered from the Rolling Stones hit “jumping jack Flash.”

From all the information discovered, it can be said that there was at least one spy on Trump’s campaign team. Meanwhile, reports were given on Saturday about Trump’s meeting with a representative of Saudi Crown Princes in August 2016, who gave a proposal for a pre-election assist in his father’s campaign.

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