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Trump Ready to Support ZTE Leaving Everyone Confused

ZTE May Be Back On Track thanks to Trump

Only three days after China accepted the responsibility to stake $500 million into a project from Indonesia, which is expected to profit President Trump personally, Trump demanded a release for ZTE, a  China-based phone company controlled by the country’s government. As a confirmation, Trump tweeted on Sunday that he’s working with President Xi to offer ZTE a route to revamp its business as soon as possible.

In the tweet posted on Thursday, the president avoided talking about the builder working on a theme park resort. The resort is located outward of Jakarta. The developer already signed up to collect at least $500 million as loans from China’s authorities, in addition to $500 million to be provided by banks in China. Trump’s company signed an agreement to issue out a license to the park in Trump’s name. Hotels and a golf course will also be part of the business.

ZTE is getting support from President Trump, who is also sealing a mouth-watering deal with Indonesia on a deal involving a resort project

Trump is yet to remove himself from his ventures as he’s still making proceeds from every aspect. He had pledged during his campaign to hand over all his ventures while disengaging from them. Obviously, he’s not doing that anytime soon.

An attorney on ethics, who worked for the past U.S president, George W. Bush, and currently a Minnesota Democrat contesting a Senatorial seat, Richard Painter, commented. He said that every time someone seals a nice transaction for Trump he does something to return the favor back. Painter talked about the ban against Trump in collecting levies from international governments. He continued by saying that the development looks like another disobedience to the compensations’ clause in the Constitution.

Trump has been a close associate of Xi Jinping and China for years, sealing deals after deals

U.S Military Labels ZTE as a Dangerous ‘Device’

Last Monday, Trump Organization admitted that it’s partnering on the resort deal, yet it didn’t provide answers to queries on the expected financial profits from management levies or licensing.

Phones made by ZTE already have a bad reputation as a danger to security. U.S intelligence circle and the military were behind the declaration. 2 weeks earlier, the phones were banned from being used because the military saw them as a threat to safety after finding out that they had the potential of being used for monitoring military men and their locations.

Trump is known to have been antagonizing China when he was campaigning for the presidential post. He would say that the powerful Asian country was robbing jobs from America through manipulation. Unjust trade activities was another constant allegation. On such occasions on the 5th of November 2016, he said to his Nevada audience that U.S suffered losses of 70,000 warehouses since WTO admitted China.

Recently, the president has made efforts to create an agreement on trade with China. He’s also seeking assistance from President Xi to strike North Korea due to its projects on nuclear arms.

Past Bad Records

Enterprises on Chinese-government-owned bases control 33% of ZTE. It is now battling with a fine of $1.2 billion which started in 2017 when a discovery was made that it’s breaking the rules of the American punishments against North Korea and Iran.

When ZTE management was found guilty of deceiving people about what they were doing, the American government in April prohibited the company from buying U.S. constituent for seven years. Ultimately, the decision compelled the firm to close business.

Ethics and Trump don’t seem to in this case because the laws guiding the clause on the compensations have been broken

Trump responded quite late to the matter in the afternoon Monday by posting a fresh tweet. He wrote that ZTE, which is a big phone manufacturer in China, purchases a large share of personal portions from American firms. He stated further that the approach also reflects the bigger marketing deal being discussed with the Asian country, as well as his alliance with China’s ruler, Xi.

During his address at the National Press Club Monday, the secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, explained that ZTE punishments served as a move for reinforcement, but not linked to the negotiations on the deals. He, however, promised to evaluate the issue very quickly, based on the request made by President Trump.

Exponents on ethical policies feel that the time of the Twitter post on the ZTE deal came too early. The tweet was posted immediately after the announcement heralding the new development in Indonesia. They said it proved the results of the US president’s stubbornness in adhering to the clause of the compensations again.

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