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Breaking: Moon Meets Kim to Discuss Vital Issues

Some days after the canceled meeting which was supposed to hold between United States’ President, Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader, Kim-Jong-un, South Korea’s leader, Moon Jae-in, and Kim-Jong-un, met last Saturday on talks concerning the US-North Korea Summit. It was reported that the meeting between the Korean leaders, happened to be their second meeting so far.

North and South Korea Leaders’ Unexpected Meeting

Their first meeting was held in April at the north of the border village of Panmunjom. The meeting point was also where the two leaders met last week. The prospects of the US-North Korea summit were discussed amongst other essential issues. On the other hand, the April’s meeting between North and South Korea Leaders aimed to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. However, North Korea opted out due to the military relationship between South Korea and the US.

The unexpected meeting supposedly indicates Moon’s interest to ensure that the proposed meeting between the US and North Korea still goes on as expected. The meeting also certified the fact that the relationship between North Korea and South Korea, is not as strained as that between the former and the United States.

Several News lines in North Korea reported that the meeting between the North and South Korean leaders will occur more regularly, as concerted efforts coupled with wisdom, would ensure the successful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. This Friday, another meeting has been scheduled to hold between Moon and Kim.

The presidential abode of South Korea located in Seoul, gave reports that the two leaders shared varying views, with stepping up the relationship between both countries and also the summit scheduled to hold between the US and North Korea.

Trump canceled Scheduled Singapore Talks Between the US And North Korea only days before the meeting

Just last Friday, it was reported that Trump canceled the meeting scheduled in Singapore for 12th June, stating that if the conditions are okay, there are still chances for the proposed meeting to be held.

Meanwhile, the press secretary of the White House, Sarah Sanders stated that officials of the White House would still have to travel down to Singapore as regards preparation for the meeting, should its feasibility be established.

outh Korean leader, Moon expressed his shock at Trump’s decision of canceling the Singapore summit. He then urged both parties to work on a much friendly discourse 

Reasons For Cancelling The Singapore Summit

Trump on his part spoke on the cancellation of the summit. He stated that it was based on the explosive and angry comments made by the North Koreans. However, he still stated that talks were already in place to make sure that the summit with North Korea still materializes.

In the letter which was forwarded to Kim, the North Korean leader, Trump mentioned that the cancellation of the talks, was for the benefits of both countries, as the US was still open to holding talks with North Korea at any given time. Trump also objected to the comments of one of North Korea’s senior diplomat Choe Son Hui, who stated that the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, was just a political dummy. Trump further mentioned that Americans were ready for either a meeting or otherwise.

A Better Relationship With The US

In response to the letter, North Korea cited that they were still in for talks with the US, given any time fixed. As stated by Kim Kye Gwan, the vice-foreign minister, he mentioned that it was quite impossible to solve instantly whatever problem was on ground, also adding that when more meetings and talks are held, it will pave the way for a one at a time solution to different issues facing both countries. Therefore, with these talks being held one at a time, the relationship between both countries would only get better.

Adam Mount Calls Trump An Unstable Political Partner

Different quarters have since then slammed Donald Trump’s unexpected move, one of which happens to be from the Federation of American Scientists, Adam Mount, the director of the Defense Posture Project. Mount mentioned last week that Trump had shown an unacceptable level of being an associate, especially when it came to important talks such as this.

Political experts, having viewed the ongoing situation between both countries, have opined that the North Korean leader was undoubtedly willing to ensure that both countries have a less-strained relationship. Kim was reported to have released some US citizens, and also displayed a high level of transparency by inviting journalists from all walks of life to witness the obliteration of the nuclear test site.

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