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Clinton’s Biggest Scandal Involves a $84 Million Money-Laundering Scheme

Packaging to Financial Misappropriation

We only get to hear from the news media about the stale case of Trump’s involvement with the Russians, during his 2016 election campaign. However, the current media ignored the court lawsuits filed in the past week through federal court, which uncovers a case of financial misappropriation worth $84 million treachery by the Democratic National Committee, in conjunction with the campaign team of Hillary Clinton that was done in 2016, when the presidential contest was on. This laundering is a breach of the law governing the campaign-finance activities under the federal jurisdiction.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the past week at one district court in DC, is a brief description of Clinton’s ploy with DNC, and it gives sufficient proof through the filings by FEC (Federal Election Commission), affirming the accusations by the charges that an expansive gimmick was done by the Democrats to break the law regulating campaign restrictions according to the federal government.

An attorney of campaign-finance and a recorded lawyer involved in this case, Dan Backer, pointed out that the background rule, in one write up that talked about the dictates of this federal rule, says that a single person who donates, can bequeath to whoever is contesting a sum of $2,700, bequest to whichever committee set up by state parties $10,000, and $33,400 to the primary account of a nationwide party.

Every group concerned may come together as one and collect just one cheque offered by a sponsor in the amount of these donation cutoff points, since it’s legitimate, because such sponsor will not go beyond the background restraints for whoever the single beneficiary is. At the same time, parties at the state levels can transact without limitations to the general party.

A recent court case was filed to show that Hillary Clinton is also fallible to a scandal worth $84,000,000

On the 15th of December, 2017, Backer stood in for those he worked for to file a charge of petition that was 86 pages long with FEC, requesting that FEC should start prosecution hearing on Hillary Clinton, her treasurer and campaign team, DNC with its treasurer, in addition to those committees set up by the Democrats at the state level.

The petition, and one document containing evidence pinned to it, comprising spreadsheets, almost 20-page long compilation, clearly described the misappropriation and gave solid proof that backed up the charges.

Below You can Find the Summary of how the Whole Ploy Went and the Proofs Provided therein:

In 2016 when the presidential contest was on-going, the DNC with Hillary Clinton, and the committees under the Democrats in the state to take part in the process, was created by Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) in form of a collaborated fundraising board meant to collect donations from big sponsors, certain amounts more than $400,000. In order to obey the regulation governing the financing of campaigns, HVF had to send the contributions to certain beneficiaries, either the campaign team for Clinton, the DNC, the committees, or Democrats.

On the other hand, FEC documentations reveal many huge donations that were recorded as being collected according to HVF, and the similar sum was being collected on the same day, and sometimes, the next day by a Democratic board of the state, but such financial bestowals were not recorded by the committees under Democratic party.

An example was a case where HVF was stated to have sent $19,500 to Democrats in Mississippi exactly on the 2nd of November 2015, while the Democratic National Committee stated that it got $19,500 that came from D.P in Mississippi on the same 2nd of November, 2015. However, such transactions was not documented nor was the sum of $19,500 disposed of by the D.P in Mississippi, and since the D.P in Mississippi was not in charge of the money, the donation from HVF into DNC breached the law governing campaign.

From all indications, the media is partial in its conducts because it’s only concentrating on the $130,000 alleged bribes given to Stephanie Cliford by Trump and Cohen, while turning a blind eye to Clinton-DNC $84 million campaign scam

An 1-year old period of documentation done by FEC indicates some thirty different situations when donations valued at over $10 million were sent to DNC by HVF with no reported documentations or disposal from among the parties at the state level, hence, unlawfully skipping the Democratic parties at the state level.

Meanwhile, 99% out of every recorded donation collected by state parties from HVF ended up in the hands of DNC. These funds were sent instantly or in a space of 1 or 2 days, arousing curiosity on if in all honesty, the Democratic boards at the state level were in charge of the funds.

Dishonest Transactions by Clinton-DNC Collusion

However, the campaign team for Clinton that handled the donations didn’t stop as soon as the money got to DNC, according to the petition filed by FEC. Instead, public addresses made by Donna Brazile, the then-chairperson for DNC admitted that when Clinton’s campaign became more formidable, she settled the debt of the party and placed it on hunger strike. Brazile also added that such was reliant on the campaign to thrive, as she was meant to exercise authority over its activities.

Obviously, these proofs show the unlawful transactions involved in the deals. During the 2014 court case between FEC and McCutcheon at the Supreme Court, it was clearly stated that such procedures breach the stipulated law.

Backer appears to be the best bait to help dig out the major truth if entrusted with the case, using his position as a lawyer to his client and other unmistakable evidences as a leverage


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