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Why Financial Literacy Matters and How It Affects Your Wealth

When reference is being made to the great recession period, one of the worst state of the economy where a lot of people had to be forced into early retirement, American students all over the nation had to battle with increasing student’s debts, and a lot of the labour force had huge debt to income ratio. Then the issue of financial literacy will have to be considered as a very serious one.

Importance Of Financial Literacy

When you do not have a full grasp of your financial situation, and you lack basic financial wisdom, it can have a bad effect on your personal finance. If we have this situation occurring with a lot of American individuals, then it becomes a very big issue for the economy, hence why being a financial literate is essential.

A lot of people have been accruing loss for the wrong reasons, and this has to do with a lack of financial knowledge.

Research to this effect has revealed that about 1,500 individuals lose $1230 by a lack of understanding the basics of financial issue, most of which has to do with household finance. The implication of this figure is, that it is just about the same incurred for a mortgage fee for an average home.

This means that a lot of people have been an accruing loss for the wrong reasons. From the research, about 20% of the individuals conceded to not having a basic understanding of how their finances cost them about $2500. From the figures gotten from this research, it can be concluded that financial illiteracy in the nation amounted to about $295 billion annually, and this is really bad for the economy.

The seriousness of this issue has led to the Congress passing a citing that an initiative is needed for the general awareness of the public on an issue that has to do with the handling of personal finances, as well as the implication that is linked to lack of understanding of the basics of finances. It was also stated for a fact, that the loss of financial assets, a huge debt, and very tough credit conditions are one of the biggest threats being faced for lack of literacy and basic knowledge in finance.

What Exactly Does Being A Financial Literate Mean?

The basics of financial literacy are having the required knowledge of money and finance, especially when it has to do with individual or personal finances. As an individual, being financial literate means that you will be able to make smart money management decisions that can help you become financially secure now and in the future. With this, you can be able to save, invest and protects assets for yourself, and your loved ones as well.

Financial literate means that you can make smart money choices, and become financially secure.

Being financially conscious every day has to do with issues like budgeting, spending, debts, taxes, savings management of mortgage, retirement saving and tax and estate planning. The way you are able to handle all of this says a lot about how financial literate you are. A more complex aspect of being a financial literate is understanding concepts of interest rates, passive and active work income, and the overall financial planning.

Ways To Become A Financial Literate

It is possible to gain financial knowledge and become a financial literate through the following ways:


This is one of the fastest ways of gaining financial knowledge. It may be reading books that give insights into aspects of finance like saving, spending or investment. It may also be reading of financial article online or following up with a blog that deals with finances. This way, you can become a financial literate.

Taking Finance Class

Ordinarily, you can become learned about anything, just through education and such is the situation with finances too. Take an online finance course, or book with an expert in finances for literacy course in the various aspect of finances.

Listening to Financial shows

Be it on the radio or on Tv, when you are an ardent follower of a financial show, you can be able to pick up one or two tips on how to go about your finance form it. With this, you are gradually on your way to becoming a financial literate.

Reading, taking finance classes and listening to financially related shows are some of the best ways to become a financial literate.

Sings That Shows That You Might Need To Gain Financial Knowledge

It is not a bad thing that you that you are not financially literate, but it is actually a bad thing that you are not working on improving yourself. Some signs to show that you need more financial knowledge include the following:

  • Having trouble with planning and following your budget plans accordingly
  • Getting into debts regularly
  • Not having funds for emergencies
  • Not understanding the policy of insurance etc.

Having issues with planning a budget and sticking to it means that you need to seek more financial knowledge.

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