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Hilary Duff Takes Her Conflicts With Neighbor to a Whole New Level

Hilary Duff has been told to try out a cool house in the outskirts in New York, at least till she decides to leave the area. The actress had a serious conflict with a neighbor who she acknowledged in her long strings of posts on Instagram.

It was attributed to the fact that the Cigarette he had been taking, had been filtering into her residence, where she lives with her young kid. She claimed that the actions of her neighbor was responsible for keeping her awake all through the night.

Duff Shared Her Tale On Instagram

As she stated in her stories on Instagram, she mentioned that he tossed pieces of furniture while probably, fighting with his partner, perhaps he was drunk. Apparently, the public pretense was a daring attempt, but everything came into light when Matthew Koma, Duff’s boyfriend, and Dieter Addison, were involved in a huge combat, the police got involved later on.

The Full Account Of The Feud Between Duff And Addison

A Post reported that the police were invited into the building which they lived, on Wednesday at 11:30 pm. Before Duff made an online call, Addison asserted that he dialed the emergency hotline after Koma gained forceful entrance into his residence, and proceeded to punch him in the face. Addison further narrated that he pushed him out of the residence without attacking him. Koma’s representatives, however, termed the accusations as false.

Addison acted on the advice of his counsel by filing a police report at his indigenous division, this was after the officers stationed at the New York Police Division recorded his report. Addison is currently looking into getting a restrictive instruction against her because he had received several hate mails in the form of threats from the fans of the Disney star, this currently scares him to the point of him wanting to get a bodyguard.

Duff States The Supposed Wrongdoings Of Addison

Duff was reported to have erased her posts on Instagram. However, she gave a statement through her rep to the newspaper stating that she and her son had been forced to tolerate the poisonous smoke, noise, and an uncomfortable style of living, all these were attributed to her neighbor, Addison.

Duff Claims Addison Has Refused To Come To Terms With Her

She made mention of the fact that, she had been trying to call him to order, which he had refused to accede, she even had to go to the extent of involving the landlords who dwelled in the house. She also stated further that it was her primary assignment as a mother, to ensure that her child receives the best care.

Addison Gives His Side Of The Story

Addison on his account granted an interview, where he talked about all the accusations which Duff labeled against him which included calling him offensive names. He then tried to absolve himself of all these accusations, stating first that although he smokes quite a lot, however, the building in which he lives permits all that, and that was why he opted to live there in the first place. As regards his work, he stated that he functioned at his family’s real estate workplace, and he also happened to be an event manager.

He also added that he had tried numerous times to work out things with Duff on these pressing issues. He stated that when Duff moved in with her son in January, the first right thing he did, was to reduce the volume of his music to a reasonable level, he, however, did not give further reasons on why he did that. Also, he mentioned that Duff had complained about the entrant of the smoke into her apartment, and he offered to send some workers to work on the aeration situation. However, he stated that the owners of the building did not give him a final approval, for him to get the work done.

While these waters are still troubled, it seems likely that this issue does not seem to be settled anytime soon, especially with one of the parties talking about getting a bodyguard and a restraining order. Observers and followers alike of this story, are optimistic that this case yields better outcomes than the Justin Theroux’s case, which has been on for close to three years now.

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