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Jeff Bezos Hits a MASSIVE Jackpot: Is Now the Time to Buy Amazon Shares?

Indisputably, Amazon is currently one of the most expensive companies on earth. This is mainly on account of the company’s online presence. And just about everyone today is ordering goods online. Window shopping and making rounds at malls tirelessly have become beneath many people in the 21st century. This is the main reason Amazon is thriving.

Since December 24th to early January, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the flourishing company acquired almost $28 billion from Amazon shares. Investors should definitely watch the company’s next earnings report.

To be CEO of the most valuable company in the world must be thrilling

Unfortunately, Microsoft was knocked off from the top of the list as the world’s most prized company by Amazon. The company had just returned to the top after supplanting Apple in November 2018 but was not going to last there for very long.

Amazon shot to the top with an increase of 3.4%, taking it to almost $800 billion in market capitalization. On January 8th, Amazon stock was trading at an enormous $1,656.58 per share and thus giving Bezos a whopping $136.9 net worth.

Same Stock: Wealthiest Man and the Richest Company

Amazon’s stock is responsible for placing Jeff Bezos and Amazon at the top rank in terms of value. Over 95% of the CEO’s net worth is availed and tied to his 16% stake in Amazon.

A man who has to deal with two great titles

Amazon climbed to the top not by hitting record highs but minimizing losses.

The company is, in fact, down considerably from its peak. It has dropped almost 20% from its $2050.50 per share on 4th September. After that, Amazon stock has been weakening rapidly with the majority of the market’s remainder.

All the same, the company has built up its strength after hitting $1307 per share during Christmas Eve last year. Since then, Amazon is up to a 26.7% close, while Microsoft climbed only 9.2%. The jump meant that Bezo’s 80 million shares added a $27.6 billion worth.

Could Bezos and Amazon Drop from the Top Rank?

Bezos is enjoying both the title of the richest man in the world as well as the CEO of the most valuable company that exists. However, in due time, we will get to know if the wealthy CEO, as well as his company, can remain at the top.

Investors are likely to keep a close watch on the company’s earnings report so as to monitor its growth during all-important holiday seasons. The reports easily enlighten investors on whether the results reflect the nonstop growth story, which is most likely rousing the company’s growth trend at present.

Does true love even exist anymore?

Amazon bears could most probably be the reason for being certain that the stock is bound to fall again. Throughout the previous entire fiscal year, the company’s net income values are still low despite a rise in the shares worth. The income is less than one-twentieth of Apple’s and about a fifth of Microsoft’s.

Despite this, if Amazon carries on to raise revenue at the swift rate it has been in the past years, the e-commerce giant is guaranteed to remain at the top for much longer.


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