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This Kardashian is Facing a $100 Million Lawsuit Over a Strange Reason!

We have long known Kim Kardashian as a celebrity who prides herself in self-promotion. She has created a name for herself through social media platforms, her successful app, cosmetic empire, and the reality TV show that she stars in with the rest of her family. However, with so many business ventures under her belt, it’s quite obvious that Kim doesn’t do everything by herself.

Kim Kardashian is a business mogul with a number of successful ventures under her name

For her Kimojis app, she definitely needed some help from a tech-savvy team, but little did she know that the developer she’d hire to make the app would one day go behind her back and file a serious lawsuit accusing her of breaking the contract. At the time, Kim didn’t think much of it because once the Kimojis app took off and became popular among Kardashian fans, the rest was history.

Deal Violation?

Kim first took notice of the developer, David Liebensohn and his partners after they gained popularly for developing the CensorOut app. Kim instantly sought him out and they began ironing out a plan for the exciting project that would later come to be known as the Kimojis app. However, Liebensohn is now suing the reality TV star for $100 million, citing that she did not honor the deal and broke their contract. As he puts it, he and his team were promised 60% of the profits earned from the app but that hasn’t been the case so far.

In line with the parties’ agreement, the reality television star intended to trademark her iconic Kimoji designs, to simplify the paperwork and cut down on some of the anticipated costs. Kim did file for the trademark in August 2014 but, according to Liebensohn, backed out on the deal they had initially made.

Kim’s Kimoji app is widely popular among her fans, but it could soon bring her some legal trouble

Kim cited that one of Liebensohn’s partners had violated her privacy by sharing her personal information with a third party, but the developer denied all allegations, saying that he stuck to his end of the deal. According to him, it was nothing but an excuse since Kim knew that her information had been shared even before they had finalized their deal. Now, Kim and her team are fighting back against Liebensohn with numerous countersuits, but the developer is persistent on his quest for $100 million.

No-Merit Suit

According to the celebrity’s lawyer, Marty Singer, the lawsuit by Liebensohn has no merit, and he is confident that the court will have it dismissed. The lawyer says that the developer is only bitter that he was unsuccessful in stopping an arbitration Kim commenced in late 2018.

Despite the lawyer’s claim, there has been talk that Kim doesn’t want the matter to go in court, and would prefer to settle the matter as quietly as possible. Given the developer’s attitude, however, it is difficult to predict the course that this ship will chart. All we can do is watch and wait with bated breath.

The Kardashians recently won a longstanding lawsuit against one of their businesses called Kardashian Beauty

Given the family’s recent victory over the Kardashian Beauty lawsuit, Kim feels confident that the law will be in her favor once again, and if it is,Liebensohn may have to pay a heavy price to fix the damage. Though the Kardashian Beauty is among the many eponymous businesses the Kardashians have put their flare into, everyone seems to forget that the longstanding lawsuit brought them $10 million. The case had been going on since 2016, but the panel only recently ruled in the Kardashians’ favor – ordering a $7.4 million payment from the management firm Hillair Capital, and an extra $3.2 million as interest. Not bad, right?

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