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“No More Burqa and Niqab”, Says Denmark, Opponents Protest

Clamp down on Burqa

A new law has been approved by the Denmark government. The latest policy prohibited complete-face shrouds like the Islamic dressing, niqab, and burqa. These pieces of clothes are worn on the face, concealing the true facial identity of wearers.

Denmark officially joins other European nations as the 5th on the list that would cast a vote against the religious dressing.

Burqa and niqab are now illegal garments in Denmark, as lawmakers effected bans on full veils

Legislators polled 75/30 to support the new law. The proposed ban was introduced to the House through the corridors of the administrative center-right coalition.

In essence, this policy prohibits any complete facial clothing that lacks ‘discernible reason’ for the adornment in the first place. Instances of such reasons could be the chilly atmosphere or abiding by the regulations like putting on helmets while riding motorcycles.

Political office holders assure that this policy is not aimed at any religious sect. Nonetheless, its common name has been dubbed ‘the burqa proscription’. On the other hand, Jewish caps; scarves used for head covering and turbans are not included in the prohibition.

The Minister for Justice, Soeren Pape Poulsen, explained that police in the country is at liberty to be ‘reasonable’ when trying to ensure compliance with the policy. Burqa proscription will take effect from 1st of August.

People who go against the law for the first time may be fined 1,000kroner, that’s around £180. However, if done again, the fines this time around may attract stricter sanctions about 10,000kroner or risk being jailed for about six months.

In case anybody is caught compelling someone through aggression or bully to put on clothing that veils the wearer’s face, such an offender may be charged or go to jail that can last for two years.

Currently, about 310,000 Islamic faithfuls live in the country, but majority don’t use burqa or niqab, says the Pew Research Center.

£1,180 fine and half a year sentence await whoever goes against the law

Danish joins the leagues of anti-burqa government

Denmark is now among the five countries in Europe that put the legislation in place across their territories. Others are Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium, and France.

Not less than 50 percent of the areas in Germany (16 in total) use proscriptions on state workers and teachers who put on full-face shrouds. Angela Merkel in 2016 brought up the idea of prohibiting complete-face shrouds anywhere it’s possible in legal terms. Although there is a none-national law passed for now.

The Italian government and the Netherlands also put in place partial prohibitions on burqa, but it only affected some specific settlements, public locations, or professions.

In a counter-opinion on the matter, Amnesty International’s Europe Director, Gauri van Gulik, said that every woman is supposed to enjoy freedom of dressing according to her desire. He added that women could wear dresses that reflect their personalities and faiths.

The prohibition will negatively touch the Islam religion in particular and how Muslim females who love to use the burqa and niqab would feel.

According to the statements contained in a memo that condemns the action, although some certain limitations on the use of facial veils to protect oneself from the public are legal, this inclusive restriction is not essential, commensurate and breaches the freedom of religion.

The memo referred to the law as a means to ‘implicate’ women rather than to safeguard their rights. Women have been aggressively victimized for making their garment choices. No freedom is promoted in the policy.

Supporters frown against burqa and niqab

In a display of contrary views, proponents debated the issue of the prohibition as something which would facilitate better incorporation of Islamic foreigners into Denmark society. They believe that the religious clothing is a means of oppressing the women.

Belgium, France amongst two others had been using the law before Denmark came on board, bringing the total number of anti-burqa countries to 5 is the fourth European country to pass such a law

The spokesperson at the Danish People’s Party and anti-immigration explained that some individuals make use of veils to create awareness about a belief. If such move is made and it becomes successful, several others may lose the freedom right, says the spokesperson. He advocates for balance.

On the other hand, a woman from Pakistan, Ayesha Haleem, who is a regular wearer of niqab for over six years in Denmark, insisted that nobody, not even her spouse, compelled her to put on the garments. She said a lot of people think that the male folks are compelling women to adorn burqa, but such thinking is false.

Haleem said she wouldn’t have worn the niqab if it wasn’t her choice, because she’s been wearing it before meeting her husband. She might decide to leave Denmark than to remove her veils.

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