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North Korea Ready to Spend Billions of Dollars in High Speed Railway


Still on the peace concession currently ongoing between North and South Korea, both nations revealed a development which intended to construct a big rail line, which would connect the Korea Peninsula to a lot of cities in China and Russia.

The renovation of North Korea’s railways would ensure the speed goes beyond 60mph, even with weightier loads. Ultimately, making North Korea the needed connection for commerce between East Asia and Europe.

For many years, North and South Korea have had lots of conflicts, and moves which have been made to bring the warring parties to a roundtable, have proved largely unfruitful. Bearing in mind that both countries were once parts of a whole piece, the current relationship between them is so strained that one who is not really informed, can’t imagine that both countries originate from a single one.

Prominent countries, bodies, and organizations have often called for peace talks between the two countries, and currently, it all looks like there could be a headway.


The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and the South Korean leader Moon Jae-in, in late April, made history by ending the Cold War-era division. In addition to this, there would be a pact and work hand-in-hand to ensure total eradication of nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula.

However, there are uncertainties as regards how far North Korea is willing to go in order to do away with its items of obliteration. This pact, which was held in Panmunjom, included a design which intended to link North Korea with the rest of the world.

North (L) and South Korean leaders meeting earlier this year

Moon, during the conference, gave Kim a flash drive which contained the large railway building plan. Presently, the rails in North Korea snap when really heavy loads are on it, still bearing in mind that the speed of these trains is around 30mph.

Once the lines are revamped, the speed would surely double. Once this is achieved, weightier loads would then be easily conveyed on the trains without the train lines having to snap. This would also aid movement as this mode of transportation would become quite easier and faster to undergo.


The construction of the railway transcends beyond a grand transportation project, it is an essential step that could persuade North Korea to reaffirm its peace pact, only then would commerce between the Korean Peninsula, Europe, and China be strengthened, this possibility was noted by the CityLab.

Shinuiju-Dandong crossing which happens to be North Korea’s commerce center would be connected with the following cities: Seoul and Busan (South Korea’s largest cities), Chongjin (3rd largest city in North Korea), Rajin (Industrial zone, highest GDP per capita also in North Korea), China and Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railroad. This connection would be effected by the rail lines.


In 2007, a test run was conducted by North and South Korea for the linkage of the rail, with both trains passing across the zone which is currently free of military activities

Its construction is however still uncertain, as a similar plan to the inter-Korean railway plan has been long in existence as far back as the early 2000s. This progress was hampered by the tense relationship between both countries. This further proves that any progress being made could be hindered, once either of the proponents makes a wrong move.

On the other hand, if this project pulls through, it would undoubtedly positively alter the trade, political relations and passage on the Korean Peninsula. Asides this, it would be a momentous moment for both states.

As it has been mentioned earlier, commerce between North Korea and a couple of other countries in Europe and the rest of the world, has not been really encouraging, and this new development would ensure that business transactions and propositions would fare better between North Korea and possibly, the rest of the world.

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