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Pastor Duplantis Wants Donations for His 4th Jet

4th plane on the way

The cleric who hosts evangelistic TV shows says that he received a message from God that he should own a jet worth $54 million. The Louisiana-based pastor, Jesse Duplantis, desires contributions of $54 million to acquire a private airplane to make his evangelism easier and to widen the good news of God worldwide.

Jesse Duplantis claimed to have seen a vision where God told him about getting Falcon 7X

Jesse Duplantis has many viewers all over the world through his televangelism. He said God informed him that he should get a jet.  According to Duplantis, God wants him to get a 3-engine personal aircraft called ‘Dassault Falcon 7X’. The jet has the capacity to airlift between a dozen to 16 people, with speeds of  700 miles/hour. The jet, Falcon 7X, possesses a degree close to 6,000 miles. If Duplantis gets this aircraft, it will make it the 4th jet under his ‘Jesse Duplantis Ministries’ possession. When researched online, used Falcon 7X brands cost only $20 million.

The jet, which was made by Dassault Aviation, has a big cabin, with 5,951 nmi degree. It is designed for business purposes, and it’s the biggest among its Falcon fleet. Paris Air Show unveiled it in 2001. Then, in 2005, it was showcased while it began operations in 2007.

While addressing the issue in the course of the week, Duplantis said some individuals think that pastors should not own jets, but he believes otherwise. The Christian cleric added that preachers must have all accessible channels to spread forth the Gospel worldwide.

Duplantis is a worldwide preacher who hosts Christian programs on television

As a matter of fact, continues Duplantis, imagine Jesus still on earth in this modern world, he won’t be found on a beast of burden, rather Jesus would be flying in jets to speak about the Gospel.

Duplantis described the ‘declaration from God’ about the jet as a message that held greatness and the best message he has received from God.

Narrating the vision in which he conversed with God, Duplantis said his name was called, and he was thereafter asked if he wanted to reach where He (God) is living. Duplantis explained that he asked God what he meant? He was answered that God wanted him to have faith in him for Falcon 7X.

Not to worry about payment

The preacher was concerned about how he would afford it. However, he said he remembered a message from God in 1978 which assured him that he was only being asked to have belief in it but not to worry about payment.

He wants complete transparency. His ministry is open to everyone to be aware of what is going on there, because he doesn’t conceal anything, says Duplantis. Duplantis wants people to know that the plane won’t be owned personally by him. However, the jet would be under his ministry. The Jesse Duplantis Ministry would use it for works by his successor who would replace him when he’s dead. He was commanded by God to spread the Word to all the living things on earth.

He doesn’t believe that his enormous works can be done traveling by sea, by vehicles, or train. The man of God said he would soon die if his trips are limited to those means, only a jet will sustain him.

The jet will touch and change many lives, says Duplantis. Falcon 7X will capture a soul one by one, but he’s not particular about learning its flying rudiments, he only wanted to spread the Gospel.

Gospel work needs jets

Dassault Falcon 7X

Duplantis displayed a picture of other three jets under his Christian organization. Speaking on the planned relocation of the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Duplantis expressed his happiness about such development. He predicted that the move gives him the signs that the earthly existence is closing in quickly.

Duplantis was in a video accompanied by Kenneth Copeland, another televangelist. Both of them insisted that they needed personal jets to move around. According to Copeland,  preachers in their level are popular, people would always bombard them to request for intercessions.

Copeland further said that pastors cannot cope or manage such gigantic engagements in this present world, because the universe is full of evil. Men of God are not supposed to be found cramped in one place with many demonic beings because such encounters pose risks to one’s life. Corroborating his colleague, Duplantis affirmed that such events have impacts on one’s heart.

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