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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Jet Off in High-Tech Car Before Wedding Ceremony

Glamour and Style

The coming together of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle was indeed a classic one as it was patterned in such a way that appeared like the royal wedding that it was supposed to be, in the aspect of the car that was used for the wedding, Meghan’s poem, the Diamond-Gold like wedding ring, and other fascinating features of one of the most anticipated events.

As Meghan Markle becomes the wife of Prince Harry and the daughter-in-law to Prince Charles in accordance to their royal wedding, she encourages her husband to keep a close bond with his father according to reports received

Reports, as collected from some standard reporting agencies, stated that the emotional poem that was written by Meghan, narrated how much she loved the prince and how she described herself as being blessed to have met him, saying it has always been love at first sight.

Attracting World’s Attention

The wedding took place at the St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Giant Castle on the 19th day of May this year as 600 guests were present at the chapel. Without denial, the joyful matrimony between Prince Harry and his gorgeous wife Meghan left a lasting impression in the minds of the citizens of the country.

After the wedding ended at the St. George’s chapel, the couple fled off, driving towards the Frogmore House with the expectation of about 200 guests for the evening event. They had a smooth ride in the Jaguar electric car to the country house in England, popularly known as the English country house which is situated at the home park of the Windsor Castle which is also a part of the famous crown estate.

Meghan Markle’s Mother Fighting Back Tears as Daughter Gets Wedded

The only member of the bride’s family that was present at the wedding ceremony was Doria Ragland. However, the bride’s mother took the liberty of sitting alone as she watched the prince marry her daughter. The bride’s mother was dressed in a very beautiful green dress and pastel green coat as she sat down in the second row of one side of the chapel. The bride’s father suffered a heart attack earlier in the week, and that made him unable to attend the wedding, although Thomas and Doria had been divorced since 1987, it is not the reason for his absence at the wedding.

The presence of Doria Ragland at the chapel, sitting as a lone member of the family of the bride, served as an inspirational force for Meghan, portraying grace and strength. Meghan’s mother was seen in at the venue in tears as she stayed to watch her daughter to be wedded into royalty. She was further required to witness the endorsement of the register as the prince offered her his hand in harmony.

The World’s Most Electric Beautiful Car – E-Type Jaguar

The exotic car that was used for the wedding was the world’s most beautiful Jaguar E-Type Zero, inscribed on the number plate was the date of the wedding ‘E190518’. The car was a replicated version of the 1968 model with an inclusion of a plug-in battery and an electric motor. The charging of the car does not take longer than six to seven hours for it to get fully charged.

Harry And Meghan’s Wedding Date Inscribed On The E-Type Zero Jaguar Number Plate

The E-Type electrical car is a high-tech vehicle that is capable of accelerating up to 62mph within just about six seconds. However, the top speed of the vehicle is not too high, but its acceleration speed is not a common one. The top speed is just about 150mph, with is spec to be made in an advanced version in the year 2020. The car is one of the three vehicles produced by Jaguar that is independently powered by the use of battery, they were all showcased in the Tech Fest event that occurred in London last year.

Talking about the most beautiful electric induced car in the world, the director in charge of the Jaguar Land Rover Classic, Tim Hannig, said that the car was a “newly-produced electric powertrain into the E-Type structure,” which implies that the present tangible engine could be reinstalled when needed at any point in time.

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