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Did You Know You Can Satisfy Your French Fries Craving Without Compromising Your Diet?

French fries are made from the world’s favorite vegetable and are known under different names. You can call them chips, frites, or simply potatoes that are deep fried but you cannot deny they are absolutely satisfying. Ordering a portion from your favorite fast-food restaurant will definitely make you happy but may also leave you disappointed when you’re told it is not the healthiest choice.

A medium portion of French fries can set you back by around 300 to 400 cal which also contains more than 500 mg of sodium. Fanatics of French fries can take heart in the fact that turning their favorite fries into a healthy side dish is indeed possible and easier than they may believe. Deciding to go healthy with home-made fries will give people an opportunity to enjoy their favorite dish without being concerned about calories or sodium. What can people do to make healthier French fries?

Baking French Fries Rather Than Frying Them Is A Good Option

It is much healthier to bake fries rather than frying them.

French fries are traditionally cooked in vegetable oil giving you plenty of fat and extra calories along with a dish you consider your favorite. If you decide to bake the fries rather than fry them, you will manage to cut back on the fat levels. However, you still need to be careful because you can easily go overboard with the oil you use. You should decide to use olive oil which is handy for the heart and measure out a couple of tablespoons before pouring it on the potatoes and tossing them likely in a bowl. It will be even better if you find a spray bottle for the oil and give the potatoes a fine mist of spray. Thereafter, you are only required to spread the potatoes on a baking sheet to bake them at 400° for approximately 45 minutes to get the nice and crispy side dish you are longing for.

Eliminate The Oil Altogether

If you want to cut back on calories, avoiding oil altogether is always a good option.

You also have an option to eliminate the oil altogether from the frying because it will give you an opportunity not just to cut back on calories but also the fat. Use the directions provided for the baking but eliminate the oil altogether. A few tablespoons of vegetable broth or egg whites which are seasoned and whisked will work perfectly. Just bear in mind you need to turn the potatoes a couple of times to ensure they are nice and brown on every side.

Salt Doesn’t Make French Fries Healthier

There are many spices that can replace the salt.

You probably have felt the uncomfortable feeling after having a portion of salty French fries. You may believe that cutting back on sodium is your only option for flavoring the French fries but if you decide to think carefully, you can find a number of spices that will make the French fries flavorful to leave you feeling satisfied. You can use spices like cumin, paprika, thyme and rosemary which can give the French fries the flavor you desire.

Use The Sweeter Option

Potatoes are not the only ingredient you can use to make your favorite French fries. You can also use sweet potatoes which are higher in fiber and vitamin A. When compared to the traditional potato there are also lower in calories. The fries made from sweet potatoes are slightly sweeter but they are also absolutely delicious. If you decide to try them a couple of times, you may prefer sweet potatoes to the traditional variety.

If you are looking forward to cutting back on oil and calories, there is no reason for you to use condiments which are high in calories and sugar. It is commonly noted that ketchup is the favorite condiment that is used with French fries along with mayonnaise which is also popular, especially in the Netherlands. You can easily keep the sugar under control by using a home-made version of a dip which will help you to keep the sugar away from you. You can try mixing some ketchup with Greek yogurt to make a delicious dipping sauce which will not just reduce the sugar content but will also provide you with an extra protein boost.

Do not ever believe that the options to have healthier French fries do not exist because they certainly do. You just need to be determined to move away from the traditional variety and experiment a little to get the pleasure of having more French fries than you ever did.

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