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Trump Lied to Break Forbes List, Ex-Reporter Says


In Washington, another potential reveal regarding the 45th president of the United States of America is brewing. A former reporter of Forbes has stepped out with some damaging information regarding the president of the most powerful country in the world.

According to the journalist, when Trump’s organization contacted him, the then yet-to-be president responded as one of the firm’s executives and not as the pioneer. This move by the president allowed him to lie about his properties and earned him a spot on the Forbes 400 list. Jonathan Greenberg, who made this knowledge known to the general public, said that Trump is ‘a good liar’.

Trump lied to get into Forbes 400 list, says Greenberg

He said the president succeeded to deceive him because somehow, Trump knew what he had to do and say to make him believe that all he was saying was true. The billionaire president did an excellent job in his acting performance and went on to keep with the persona. He did it faultlessly, merely stating his assets in a way that didn’t beg for approval or showed that he was lying regarding it.

How It All Happened

Back in the 80’s, when Forbes was compiling its first list of the wealthiest people in the country, Jonathan Greenberg was the one in charge of this task. At that time, he received a call from one of Trump’s executives named John Barron.

He had no idea that the person he was speaking with was no other but the now-president. Based on their conversation, and the depth of his deception, Greenberg ended up placing Trump on the list as one with a net worth of $100 million.

The journalist made it known that the actual net worth of the president at that time was nothing more than $5 million as a Real Estate Developer. 

The truth of the issue is that Donald Trump never had any access to his father’s assets until he died in 1999. Hence, he could not have been more than his estimated income. Greenberg went ahead to present an evidence for his accusation. An audio record of his conversation with the claimed Barron back in 1984, May 17. According to him, the conversation changed the Forbes list previous edition which initially placed the Trump’s holding at $200 million.

What the Audio Revealed

In the conversation between Baron and Greenberg, Trump said to the reporter that most of his father’s assets had coalesced to him and as such, it would be wrong for the firm to continue with its initial placement of Fred on the list.

Baron said all he was trying to do is help the journalist, off the record, to make his task lighter. The character continued to express that it was okay if he placed Donald Trump in place of his father and just consolidate it.

According to him, same practice was done and captured in an article he had read earlier in a year or two. He said the person with similar faith possessed two hundred and another two hundred along with other assets coalesced. When asked why he made the resolve to come out with this reveal, Greenberg said it has been on his mind, but he could not step out till now when his “intent deceiver” decided it was okay to let him go on his “good faith pledge.”

Currently, President Trump is not the chairman of the Trump organization to avoid conflict of interest

Reaction to the Allegation

Due to the gravity of this assertion the White House got contacted so that the present President could say his mind regarding the matter. However, the White House has chosen to remain silent regarding the issue.

The Trump Organization was also contacted to state their opinion regarding the accusation by Jonathan Greenberg, and they chose to remain unresponsive. Despite the actions of the White House and Trump Organization, it is vital that we remember that this is not the first time that the 45th president of the United States has been accused of such behavior. In 2016, May, a recording that captured the conversation of a man who sounded like the president, posing as his Spokesman came to light during the campaign.

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