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Trump Makes Yet Another Donation, Veteran Affairs is the Lucky Beneficiary

Many would once again be surprised at the good gesture shown by Trump recently. It was reported and also confirmed that the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, made a huge donation sometimes last week. Apparently, he donated quarter of his salary to the Veterans Affairs department. The press secretary to the White House, Sarah Sanders, announced the donation.

Sarah Sanders Announces Trump’s Donation to the Veteran Affairs Department

Giving a further breakdown, she stated that the $100,000 quarterly pay, would henceforth go to the Veterans Affairs department. This donation was done in a bid to aid the realization of different projects which have been undertaken by some of the departments. So, each quarter, Trump’s salary gets quartered and donated to a different cause.


The acting secretary of the Veteran Affairs department, Robert Wilkie, was on ground to accept the donation. During the press statement he gave at the event, he stated that the money that was donated by Trump, would be pumped into essential projects such as: Care for mental health, financial help, research programs and even peer support programs as well.

Currently, the Veterans Affairs department has no director, hence the reason for the acting secretary, Robert Wilkie stepping in and overseeing all projects till a new appointment is made. It was known that the former secretary David Shulkin, was fired by Trump in March, and Ronny Jackson was nominated by the president to take his place. However, just last month, Jackson stepped down due to charges of shady behavior.

Asides this donation, Trump has also donated quarter of his salaries to the Education department, the Department for Health and Human services as regards the opioid epidemic, and also the Transportation department.


The department of Veteran Affairs has requested the House to approve health care which would be provided by private individuals or bodies, in relation to the Veterans choice program. It was said that Wilkie emphasized this in the House with the hope that it would turn out positive.

Speaking on behalf of the Veteran Affairs department, Wilkie pleaded with the Senate to proceed with the bill, and hand it over to the President, Donald Trump before the Memorial day arrives, as the Veterans had been waiting for a very long time.

However, it was recorded that Donald Trump has declared his support for the bill over and over again. He even congratulated the House for taking all the necessary actions on the Mission act of the Veterans Affairs department. He further commented that fundings for Veterans were needed, and it would prevent them from having to line up on long queues for payments. He also stressed on the avoidance of placing politics over the care of veterans, as it was uncalled for.


Taking a flashback to one of Trump’s donation to the Department of Transportation, headed by the secretary, Elaine Chao, it was accepted by Elaine Chao on behalf of the whole department. The White House secretary termed this as a welcomed development. The department of Transportation needed these funds to actualize many projects and programs which have been crippled, due to unavailability of funds. These funds were necessary to enhance the infrastructure of the U.S.

Eric Hargan Speaks on the Devastating Opioid Epidemic and its effect on Americans

The Department of Health and Human services also, were beneficiaries of Trump’s quarterly donation. This donation was done in a bid to aid the department to fight the opioid epidemic. This was done with a sense of compassion and also a good judgement of duty to the people whom he presided over.

This was made known by the secretary to the Department of Health and Human services, Eric Hargan. Speaking further on the epidemic, he stressed on the fact that it was responsible for wiping out close to 175 people daily in the U.S. Sometimes in October last year, Trump declared an emergency hinged on community health, this allowed the states to set aside more funds to fight the ravaging epidemic. Trump’s donation to this cause has really gone a long way.

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