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Wolf’s Jokes at The White House Rile Critics, Except Chappelle

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The White House held its Correspondents’ Association dinner over the weekend and the American comedienne, Michelle Wolf, was there to give a performance. However, her jokes didn’t go down well with many in attendance at the event.

On the other hand, Dave Chapelle was pleased with her bluntness. He applauded Wolf’s courage in saying the truth. He said he didn’t understand what the executives think of themselves for them to have felt offended.

Michelle’s performance was strongly criticized by President Trump’s ardent fans and the president himself who found her jokes offensive because they were directly targeted at shaming the government, especially her comments about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary.

Correspondents’ Association dinner is an event that comes up every year which is designed to pay tribute to the freedom of the press and the First Amendment

However, Chappelle slammed the critics, saying that he couldn’t understand what they are feeling like, and why can’t she speak her mind? He noted that these executives also annoy people every time. Wolf’s performance which uttered the truth directly to the authorities was purifying to watch for a lot of people, says Chapelle.

He appreciated the comic artist’s craft in which the point blank truth was deeply rooted. Chappelle understood the difficulty she must have faced when standing before the audience yet speaking the reality without backing out.

The performance on Saturday night at the dinner ceremony witnessed the absence of President Trump for the second year in a row. Although, his executive team was in attendance based on his request. Also absent was Mike Pence, the Vice President, although he was one of the primary targets of Wolf’s sensitive jokes.

The comic performer shots verbal and humorous jabs at Mike Pence, Sarah Sanders, the president, as well as the press.

Another official who graced the occasion was Kellyanne Conway, the senior adviser. She and Sanders witnessed live and direct Wolf’s comic verbal missiles thrown at them. The main 4 notable and acidic jokes that Wolf made at the ceremony are highlighted below.

  1. She said Sanders resembled Lydia 

She started her rude comments by directly attacking Sanders who sat 2 tables away from the stage. She said the press secretary looked like one particular personae by the name ‘Lydia’ who was described in the book ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. Lydia was an apocalypse character that was depicted in a TV series.

According to the book and the series, Aunt Lydia, as fondly called, was someone who represented a cruel tenure which maltreats females. The women under her control were tormented and cajoled against their will.

Wolf didn’t stop there, she also compared Sanders to ‘Uncle Tom’ character depicted in a book that exposed anti-slavery elements entitled “Uncle Tom’ Cabin’. Uncle Tom is a derogatory name used against black Americans who are viewed as bootlickers to the cruel white masters who torture black people.

She said that the audience was honored by Sander’s attendance at the dinner and she was a bit awed to see the secretary. Afterward, she added that she loved her as Aunt Lydia in the series and also requested that Mike Pence should try to watch the TV drama.

Dignatories at the event watching Wolf’s performance, including Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders

  1. She referred to Sanders as a liar

She said Sarah always comes up to the rostrum with uncertain information which may either be a press announcement or some big lies. She joked that Sanders’ presence always makes her excited.

This joke really riled up critics. Wolf took a swipe at Sanders’ eye shadow when she first complimented her for being industrious. Then she said Sanders usually set facts ablaze and produces a very fine flamy eye with the ash which she uses as her makeup. Wolf wondered if the official was born that way or perhaps she’s made up of lies.

Margaret Talev who is the President of WHCA admitted that the event for this year may be a possible cause of disunity in the US

This jab didn’t sit well with people who felt insulted on Sanders’ behalf. After the event, some individuals went on Twitter to blast Wolf, among them, was Mika Brzezinski, who co-anchors “Morning Joe’. Also, Maggie Haberman from New York Times felt that Wolf’s statements on Sanders’ makeup sounded too crude and debasing.

However, Wolf has defended herself through her Twitter page last Sunday. She told Brzezinski that she only appreciated Sanders’ makeup styles and the creativity of her makeup items.

  1. She also called Kellyanne a lair

The comedienne referred to Conway’s name as a perfect fit for her personality as a liar and that she cons a lot. She added that the White House needs to put a break on Kellyanne’s shows because the senior counselor only uses such avenue to tell more lies.


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