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You won’t believe This guy’s Response to a Robber Who Tried to Steal His Bag!

The way people handle properties which they possess varies. Some could handle them with a great deal of care, while others could do so without paying much attention to them. This degree of care often depends on the way an individual was able to own a certain property. If it happens to be borne out of one’s sweat, one can trust that such person would handle the property carefully, ensuring that no harm comes to it. On the other hand, if it is gifted, the intensity of care might not be up to the former.

Jerad Kluting Talks Robbery Incident

This was the case of Jerad Kluting, a 31-year old man who lives in Holland, Michigan. Kluting shared his terrifying experience that took place a couple of days ago with the journalists. It was just an ordinary day when he decided to walk home after taking care of some random errands.

Kluting Gives Account of Robbery Incident Which Almost Took His Life

While he was walking home, a man came towards him, which raised suspicion. Now, there are times when some sightings would trigger off some agitations in a person. This was what Kluting experienced when he saw the unknown man coming in his direction.

As fate would have it, Kluting’s fears were confirmed, as the man first covered his mouth with a piece of cloth, in order to prevent Kluting from screaming, as that could jeopardize his chances of getting whatever he intended to take forcefully from him.

Refusing to Give his Precious Bag 

In times like these, in the face of danger which could end someone’s life in just a second, one would be more than willing to accede to whatever request. However, in the case of Kluting, the reverse was the case, as he told the robber blankly that he was not going to hand over the bag, further stating that he had worked so hard to save up money to be able to buy it.

Hence, there was no option of him giving the bag out. As mentioned to a news outfit, he paid around $1700 for the bag- a Louis Vuitton bag, and he was not ready to give up from it without a fight.

After narrating all these details to the robber, he infuriated and fired some shots next to Kluting in a bid to scare him off and further compel him to hand over the bag. Without giving it a second thought, Kluting turned and ran for his dear life, the robber joined in the chase too firing more shots in his direction. At a point, the gun stuck, and he paused for a moment to reload the it.

Kluting stopped running and looked back to discover that the robber was making attempts to abscond from the scene. Luckily for Kluting, he was unscathed throughout the whole shootouts. Thankfully, police officers rounded off the suspect.

Police Officers Apprehend Robber Suspect

With this incident, Kluting stated that the bag meant more to him than it ever had, and he was glad that he carried out the decision which he made during the incident. Although, he reiterated on how risky it was for him to take to his heels when he knew that the robber had a gun. He then stated that, should the same incident repeat itself, he would give the bag up.

Kluting’s Thoughts on Gun Violence

Kluting’s uncle, John Hascher while responding to comments about the incident, stated that he was glad that his nephew was still in sound health, and also repeated that he would surely give up the bag next time. Across the country, Kluting has been receiving calls from people congratulating him for being a true hero.

It should be stated that this incident occurred just days before the Santa Fe shooting which left several students and members of staff dead. Kluting expressed his wish that much attention should be given to the rising gun violence which is occurring in the country.

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