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Cost Of Celeb Party At Your House – Their Private Show Is Worth Private Banking

We all have our favorites in the entertainment industry, and the best way to enjoy them is in the comfort of your very own party! While there are performers who refuse to have anything to do with private performances, others are open to it – but they charge a hefty fee! So, if there are public figures willing to perform for the right price, that brings us to the question – what is the right price? Here, we take a look at names in highest demand and a bit about how much money they’d want to be deposited to their bank account before performing privately at your next party or nightclub. Don’t let your jaw hit the ground!

Jennifer Lopez: $1 Million — $5 Million

We’ve all watched as Jennifer Lopez’s popularity exploded and her name became a household name! However, if you want the beautiful Latina actress and singer to perform privately for you, your friends and family, get ready to fork out the dough! ‘Jenny From the Block’ has no time to waste on small change, and she asks for appearance fees up to $5 million, which she had once asked for to perform at an opulent wedding, as reported by Elle magazine!

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