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Obama Made Melania Trump Smile and Twitter can’t Seem to Have Enough of It!


Melania Trump made an appearance at the funeral service of Barbara Bush

While president Donald Trump failed to attend the funeral service of the former first lady of the country, Barbara Bush, his wife, Melania Trump, paid her last respect. She was seated abreast the former president Barack Obama at the service. During the program, both dignitaries where caught having a warm conversation. Their action has since taken up space in social media as the most trending topic.

The conversation happened during the moment when music organs blared, and attendees were reading through their programs. Barack Obama was seen leaning toward Melena, and his lips moved in a conversational manner. In response, the current first lady of the US, beamed. A moment after this occurrence, Twitter got stormed by lots of tweets on the topic.

Taking Twitter by Storm

Andy Jasnet― “Hey, how is golf?” the tweet got about 22,000 hearts and over 5,000 retweets. Another User with the name Jeff Tiedrich went ahead to say that President Barack Obama has achieved what President Trump couldn’t  and such achievement should be included in the list “things Barack Obama can do that Trump cannot”. The tweet got over 7,000 hearts and more than 1,600 comments.

Another Twitter user with the handle Bob Cesca got a staggering 38,000 hearts and 17,000 comments on his tweet that plays a joke on Trump. In his tweet, the handler asks the general public not to share the picture of Obama and Melania to @realdDonaldtrump while tagging the current president to the photo.

He further stressed that if Donald Trump got to see the image, he would be disgusted to know that the first time his wife cracked a smile in years, was not with him but during a quiet chat with the former president at a funeral.

To many, the actions of Barack Obama speak volume of his personality as a gentleman and diplomat.

As the story’s popularity increased more users went online to have their say on the matter. A handler with the name Adam Best spoke from a critical angle expressing how commendable the action of Obama was. He said that despite the adverse efforts of the current president towards the former leader, the man has continued to show respect and kindness to Melania.

He stressed that there was no way the current president would be this warm in a contrary setting. Hence, Obama remains an example of a real president. The tweet was responded to by more than 16,000 handlers and hearted by over 60,000 users.

Another user with the moniker Kimexander Hamilton did something different. The poster brought up an old picture of the First Lady taken during her husband’s inauguration dinner where she is seen looking depressed and all tight up. She then compares it with the one captured during the funeral and asked: which of these photos was taken at a funeral?

Though a pop quiz the response she got shows that Melania is having a hard time that her day to day affair seems like she is walking through a funeral service. Kristen Marie asked: who knew that the first lady could smile!

What are People Trying to Say?

In the end, from the reaction of the general Public, lots of people are worried regarding the living condition of Melania Trump. They are scared that she does not see or hear things that encourage her to be happy. Some social media users went ahead to call her poor Melania who never get to be glad beside her husband.

Despite the majority focusing on the expression of the First Lady, there were lots of people who looked at it from a critical point of view. Users like Adam and Tony Posnanski who commended Barak Obama for being the reason the world had to appreciate Melania’s smile, and for being a gentleman and a real leader.

While all this went down, Trump was busy visiting Florida to check out one of his Golf firms at the expense of being present for the last respect to the former first lady, Barbara Bush.

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