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The Public Goes FURIOUS after ABC Aired a Controversial Segment


ABC Under Fire Over Tuesday’s Segment

The public has slammed ABC for broadcasting a segment of their programme. During this particular segment, an expert in human behavior spoke and advised parents not to change their baby’s diaper without requesting their prior permission. Rowan Dean, who happens to be the commentator for the Sky news, has blasted the segment and termed it as ‘left lunacy’.

The Video shows Deanne Carson speaking on how to imbibe the tradition of prior request and permission in homes, which she stated that it should begin at birth.

Carson Explained How Parents Should Ask Permission From Their Babies Before Deciding to Change their Nappies 

Carson, then went ahead to give an instance of a method which parents could employ when they want to change their diapers, as this could be the vanguard of implementing the tradition. She further stated that questions which requested changing of nappies can be asked, and as expected, the answer from the baby would not be audible, nonetheless, a close observation would get one the needed answer to the request.

This close observation includes leaving a distance, and giving a couple of seconds for body signs, and also making eye contact with the child. While doing this, she claimed that the child then would understand that the answer to the request determines to an extent, the next step which should be taken as regards either changing their diapers or not.

Rowan Dean, after watching the segment, seems to fumble helplessly for words to use, he was however able to state that it was uncertain that he would do such, and doing that sounds and looks unexplainable.

Rowan Dean Expressed Displeasure at Carson’s statement

Taking a sneak peek at her profile on Twitter, one would discover that Deanne Carson is a speaker and educator on human behavior, she is also an author as well.

Taking a look at the executive website, it states that the job description of the enterprise; the social one, was to safeguard children from elements of social abuse, employing the aid of community solutions. The website also states that by joint efforts of the community, a better world can be created. The burden of this obligation rests wholly on adults, and if this is carried out in the long run, success would be achieved as regards enabling children of their basic rights.

Deanne Carson provided an analysis which showed that before children attain the age of six, one in twelve girls undergo a certain abuse, most of which are carried out by family members or family friends.

She further asserted that the Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse which was inquired into by the Royal Commission, has expounded on the fact that the care, respect, and protection of children, can never be too early to commence.

Since Dean made her comments the previous week, users of the social media on Twitter and also on Facebook, have meanwhile quizzed her, concerning her comments, with some vehemently stating their opposition to her viewpoint.

Female Senator Faults Carson’s Theory

A one-time senatorial candidate who defected from the right wing of the Australian Liberty Alliance in 2016 to Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives party last year, Kirralie Smith, was part of those who were infuriated. In her own opinion, she said that many children might not want their diapers to be changed, asking for their permission could be a symptom of serious mental disorder.

She also stated that the change of diapers is essential in preventing further skin damage in the child. She was also quick to blame the ABC for using their tax payments on the crazy opinions. An appalled commentator, name withheld, posted on the social media about the critical state of the psychologically impaired in Australia.

Carson Clears Herself On Her Facebook Wall

Later that week Carson posted on her Facebook wall on relationship education, and further explained her statements in details. She stated that some people had already taken it upon themselves to laugh her to scorn, putting into consideration the concept of speaking to babies and awaiting their response through body movements.

She however expressed the actuality that she was less concerned about what was happening, which included the slams and bashes from all quarters, all that mattered to her was the victims’ voices which have been seemingly suppressed by the comments from those who are against her.

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