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Second Season of ’13 Reasons Why’ Is Coming with Bombshells

The Wait is Over

Great news for all fans of the TV series of Liberty High, as the time draws closer to go back to the screen. Close to one year ago, the last glimpse of ‘13 Reasons Why’ season 1 was aired. The overzealously acclaimed famous adaptation of the show from Netflix took fans into the world of Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford), with her Liberty High colleagues. The season melted the hearts of its viewers with an unavoidable result along the line.

This suspense that was created made it almost indescribable the level of impatience the fans are feeling. Now the wait for season 2 is almost over, although details about its scheduled release have so far been minimal.

The teen drama stars Selena Gomez as the executive producer

The giant network, Netflix, just unveiled the initial trailer of ’13 Reasons Why’ that served as an appetizer which gave hints of what to look out for in the coming season. The movie’s executive producer is the beautiful pop singer, Selena Gomez, assisted by Brian Yorkey who created the series. The trailer showed the set date for the premiere and some major information about the next line of events in the life of Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minnette), with the remaining parts in the ongoing after-effects of the suicide committed by Hannah.

The first season focused mainly on the incriminating tapes, but the coming second season would center primarily on a new type of old-fashioned media, which is the Polaroid. The seasons drops by 18th of May.

Dirty Secrets to Be Unveiled in Season 2

The dramatic personae started their rough and difficult voyage to getting healed and complete recovery, while Liberty High get set to have its trial. However, an unknown person is lurking around and its very determined not to be deterred from shielding the real truth about the sudden passing away of Hannah.

The trailer gave some clues, which is a bunch of forbidding Polaroids transferred to Clay, and the other colleagues which led them to unfold a terrifying secret. They also discovered a collusion to conceal it from coming out.

The teenage-based drama has gathered a huge fanbase, as well as criticisms due to some raw contents that should’ve been preserved for more mature viewers.

Website to Get a Boost

In its earnest preparations for the new season, additions of freshly-updated materials will be put into the already existing materials on, which is the main website that Netflix designed. The website was built as a way of handling the disputation over the first season’s sensitive primary messages which were targeted at teenagers.

It will also include a newly-created ‘Discussion Guide’ and another fresh ‘Discussion Series’, which are a bunch of visuals that showed the cast talking about topics showcased in the episodes. The discussions would include drug overdose, cases of bullying and intimate abuse.

In case you are one of the fans of the series, or you have someone who may be interested in getting assistance and help, the site will be available soon to cater for such services so fans can go there to search for support.

While commenting on the new season, one of the casts who played the role of Hannah’s mother recently, Oliver (Kate Walsh), said that the season two is an awesome drama for many reasons. She said viewers would see the characters tracking the footpath left behind by Bryce Walker (played by Justin Prentice). Kate added that the coming season treats the problems of molestation, responsibility, the truth and the impact left by Hannah’s demise.

The star cast went on to say that the season attempted to seek for accountability and responsibility, so it makes the series still very deep and irresistible. Apart from that, says Walsh, it restores hope and redeems the hopeless issues surrounding the whole plot in more stronger themes.

’13 Reasons Why’ is a Netflix adapted drama for teenagers inspired by one novel written in 2007 titled ‘Thirteen Reasons Why‘ authored by a novelist, Jay Asher, in collaboration with Brian Yorkey.

Netflix adapted the drama in 2015 and launched its season 1 in 2017, showing another side to the original book by Asher

The Story Behind the Series

The main theme centers on Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker, who were both students of Liberty High. Hannah later committed suicide because of many horrific maltreatments she went through in the hands of specific individuals. However, before she died, she’d already recorded audios of the 13 reasons behind her choice to die, and put each tape in a box which later found its way into Clay’s hands after her death.

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