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Trump Excluded China Tariffs Policy on Clothing for Ivanka’s Sake

China is about to experience the new levies worth $50 billion, especially in its aluminium and steel sector, all thanks to President Trump. Last Thursday, when China declared their plans to take revenge against America by also implementing its own $50 billion taxes placed on American items, Trump cautioned them that the present government would answer that call through an alternative type of taxes, and this will focus on the $100 billion valuables from the Asian country.

However, the producers of clothing materials in China are excluded from the planned taxes.

A calculation through the use of algorithm was used to select the items that should be exempted from the recent levies, explained the American authorities. Reports say that names of the goods were composed to attain ‘the smallest effect of consumers,’ making sure that commodities such as toys and clothing were removed in order to increase the budget on local consumer items.

US Benefits From the Tariffs’ Removal

Removing clothing out of the levies offers a huge relief to the US firms that are in the clothing business and possess Chinese trademarks. Among these clothing firms is the one owned by Ivanka Trump, the first female child to Donald Trump.

According to a new report coming from reliable sources, Ivanka Trump, who is also the closest presidency counselor, makes a complete sum of $1.6 million annually from her father’s owned Trump Organization, at the same time holding an important post in the White House.

Her double posts as a presidential counselor and also the CEO of a business being run privately, has frequently attracted criticism on ethics. Nobody is completely certain that the public tenet by the present government is not motivated by commercial interests, or if countries are allowed to chase commercial contracts in partnership with the Trumps as the best way of spicing up favours in the political aspect of the government.

The most crystal clear instance of the blindfolding in the ethical sense of everything is an event that came up at the infant stage of the presidency. Ivanka was seen dining in company of the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, inside the private resort located at WestPalm Beach, a Trumps’ property, exactly the day that China signed into law three brand new logos for Trump’s daughter firm.

Ivanka Trump rocking some of her branded clothes to showcase her label, #WomenWhoWork, as a way of showing love to career women worldwide.

Ivanka’s Declined Legal Battles

She has dodged several litigational duties connected to her company while shielding herself under the White House work she’s doing.

One of them, which was slammed against her, was a suit on copyright scandal which came from one fashion brand in 2017, accusing her of stealing the pattern used for a set of footwear branded with her father’s name on them. An attorney for Trump Organization countered the allegation that the executive work of Ivanka as someone who holds highly respected administrative role should be excused from going through the rigours of affidavit submission.

She also leveraged on her role at the White House as an excuse to dodge the stress of commenting on the contravention of labour in one particular China-based factory connected to Trump, where her brand is being produced. During last summer,  three advocates from China were apprehended for trying to uncover the true state of the factory and its nature of labour.

The organization that hired the freedom fighters, that is the ‘China Labor Watch’, released a statement on the manufacturing site and said that workers at the factories were compelled to labor for 12 hours per day, not less than 6 days in one week, and the monthly payment is around 2,450 yuan (about $360). There are no provisions for safety tips for the employees, although a lot of them constantly go through physical touch of hazardous heated glues and oils.

In a similar vein, Bangladesh produced the majority of the denims with the Trump’s trademarks, yet the employees who toil hard to manufacture these items of clothing earn at least $71 every month.

Critics believe that Trump’s exemption of the clothing industry from the China levies is because of Ivanka.

Jamie Gorelick, who is Ivanka’s lawyer,defended her by saying that the tough position she holds at the White House prevents and protects her from requesting that the administration should take steps in a case that has to do with her brand, restricting her power to meddle personally in the matter.

Apart from his daughter, Trump personally owns many China-based trademarks under his organization. He’s also tackling widely spread contentions of personal interest that arose from his ventures. Nothing less than 124 were registered by him and temporarily endorsed by China-based trademarks. Trump Organization explains that these Chinese logos designed with Trump’s name are being sent to DTTM Operations, a capital firm, and this means that it has absolutely no business with Trump as a person.

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