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We Know Their Grandparents Well, But Do You Know These Celeb’s Grandchildren? Meet The Next Generation of Your Favorite Celebs

It is debatable whether talent and skill travel through DNA to future generations. But after observing the case of the following celebrities and their grandparents, we have effectively and categorically reached the conclusion that indeed, it must be the case. While some have received their careers as an inheritance from their famous grandparent, most have simply followed their ancestor’s footsteps to emerge successful in their respective professions. But in most cases, these grandchildren have truly lived up to their esteemed family name. Now, it’s time to assess how similar they have become to their celebrity grandparents, both in the career path they’ve chosen and the level of success they achieved in it.

Quinn Tivey – Grandson of Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor defined the 20th-century movie star persona with her unique sense of style. Starting off as a child actress during the ’40s, she emerged as one of the most successful actresses of her time for having dedicated the best part of her life to cinema. But Taylor became very famous for her charity work as well, which has been carried forward by her grandchildren. This includes Quinn Tivey, who is the co-trustee of the Elizabeth Taylor Trust, as well as an artist by profession. 

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