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Early Retirement Could Prolong Your Life

Failed Expectations of Retirement Days

Research indicates that the best way to elongate your life is to retire early. This is the proposition put forward by the investigation carried out in 2017 in the Netherlands, and published in the Health Economics journal. The research connected retiring early to longer living. The survey looked at the rate of mortality among civil servants that enrolled in short-term government employment which would release them at 55 years of age.

Workers should take their health seriously, although some researchers think retirement can boost good health.

Clarifications On 7 Most Common Retirement Myths

Possibly, you have been nursing the false belief about the retirement years. After working for 30 to 40 years, you’ll be getting set to drop the batton in your office. Don’t be shocked to know that most of your ideas are mere assumptions. Below are 7 myths held on to by people and their clarifications.

1 – There Will Be Sufficient Time For Fill-ups.

There is a possibility that you have looked forward to indolent days when you would spend dallying around your home. On the contrary, a lot of retirees soon found out that they don’t have long enough time before filling up their calendars. Engagements like hobbies, family ceremonies, volunteer involvements, and trips are quick items that always fill up your pre-planned work schedules.

2 – Retirement Is So Sweet and Easy

A qualified planner on financial matters, and owner of New York-based Schneider Wealth Strategies, David Schneider, affirmed that such notion disorganizes some individuals. He added that there is a stage for adjustment.

In order to reduce the period it usually takes to adjust easily to a fresh lifestyle, you should have a strategy for spending your retirement days.

3 – Retirement Involves Relocating To Somewhere New.

People are of the opinion that retirement entails packing your loads and relocating to a warmer place, probably to enjoy golf or spend time in the garden throughout the year. This way of living is appealing to a lot of people. According to a survey conducted by, three out of five participants desire to relocate to another place during their retirement.

Nonetheless, only 1.9% out of less than 65 to those up to 74 years old retirees who possessed and stayed in their personal houses some years ago actually relocated in the past 1 year, says a study done in 2012 by The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

Joe McLean of Intersect Capital LLC in San Ramon in California, recommends looking inward to figure out what are the things workers desire from their retirement days, and not what people are saying about them.

4 – Taxes Will Come Down

Your earnings will probably decline during retirement, and that will give you the impression that your tax debt will come down too. However, a certified planner on financial matters and portfolio manager working for FBB Capital Partners, Bethesda, Maryland, Stein Olavsrud, says that may not be true. Senior citizens in America usually have lesser deductions from the federal government and poverty for claiming. This could result in a higher degree of their earning going to someone else.

Drop the idea that relocating to states like Florida or other income tax-free will save you. Olavsrud said some individuals have the belief that income tax-free equals savings. However, taxes on property and sales could be greater, as well as the living standard costs.

5 – Your Finances Will Be Catered For By Social Security

Olavsrud calls this a mistake made by some retired people, depending on Social Security to handle their bills as soon they retire from work. Social Security rewards were not meant to be used as someone’s main point of financial gain during retirement. They were designed to substitute pensions or funds for investments.

6 – Paying the bills may be impossible.

Everywhere, the media is talking about employees who didn’t save up against retirement days. It’s comfortable to believe that many people will become impoverished in their last years. Debating this notion, Frederick Vettese, who wrote “The Essential Retirement Guide”, also the senior actuary at finance firm Morneau Shepell, says people think that they need 70% of the last income for a comfortable life.

Vettese calls it a ‘weird number’ because nobody ever achieved that figure. Vettese says mid-career parents may depend on something as low as 35% of the gross earning after deducting mortgages and other debt. When retirement comes, most of these costs have vanished.

7 – Planning for retirement can be delayed.

Another myth which is quite risky for retirees is that, there is always enough time for you to begin planning, so you can wait. Sadly, the scheme that aids the swelling up of retirement accounts, compound interest, is best used when you invest your money early. Prolonged procrastination before saving up could lead to eroding your to-do-list in the future. Olavsrud notes that parents usually commit the error of placing savings for their kid’s college before their retirement. He reminds them that student loans abound for students, but nothing like a retirement loan.

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