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Don’t Skip the Gym! Here’s What Happens to Your Body If You Stop Exercising

Have you ever considered what happens to your body when you skip exercising for three days? You may have been going through an exercise regimen for quite some time and may suddenly develop the feeling your body needs some rest. You would not be wrong in your assumptions and maybe you may have been pushing your body too hard to have developed this feeling. It’s also possible that you have decided to skip exercising for just three days. However, are you aware of what happens to your body when you skip exercising for even a short period of three days?

A break from exercising is definitely necessary and can even prove healthy, especially if you are just breaking away for the period you have in mind. However, it is essential for you to understand your body will begin to react when you skip exercising for more than two days. It just means you need to remain active even as you have decided to skip exercising for three days. Would you like to know the kind of reactions you are likely to encounter when you skip exercising for three days? Read along and you will definitely get an idea about the reasons why you need to remain active even as skip exercising.

Muscle Mass Decreases Stiffening Your Muscles

Stiffening Of Muscles

When the fibers in your body begin to lose fat burning capabilities it causes muscle mass to decrease. Putting this in simple terms, it means you begin to lose strength by day three of your decision to skip exercising and your muscles begin to stiffen.

When You Skip Exercising It Can Have An Effect On Your Energy And Productivity

Woman sitting at desk with laptop with eyes closed.

When you exercise, your body is releasing endorphins and adrenaline which are the chemicals that improve your mood, energy, and productivity. When you begin to skip exercising, your body will face a shortage of these chemicals which can begin as early as two days. You may not realize it but it will affect your energy, mood, and productivity.

Skipping Exercising Will Make You Susceptible to Cravings

When you decide to skip exercising for three days, you are becoming susceptible to cravings which could be bad for you. The reason for this phenomenon is because endorphins and adrenaline also work as appetite suppressants and the actions of these chemicals will push you into habits that will not be beneficial. It is for this reason that you need to continue remain active.

The Fitness Of Your Lungs And Heart Also Begins to Fade

When you start skipping exercise, your lung and heart start to fade.

The fitness of your lungs and heart begins to fade immediately as you skip exercising. When you don’t exercise for three days your lungs and heart would have lost 5% of their fitness. The loss put you at an increased risk of heart -related problems simply because you are not active.

After You Skip Exercising You Need To Ease Back into It

You may have taken a break for three days but it can become difficult to become motivated or begin feeling like you’re exercising at 100% when you begin exercising again. The history of your exercise regimen prior to the break will determine the way you need to ease back into the workouts in order to prevent injuries of any kind.

When You Skip Exercising You Could Return Back Stronger

Taking a break from exercising isn’t as bad as it is made out to be, especially if you decide to retain your protein intake and decide to take some time off from the exercise. You could find it particularly beneficial if you have reached the stage of having a burnout because of your decision to skip exercising for a short while and leave you refreshed and feeling stronger.

If you decide to skip exercising for three days, you can rest assured the break from the exercise will not be as bad as you believe. However, it also doesn’t mean that you should not remain active just because you have decided to skip exercising for three days at a stretch. If your body needs a rest, it would be great to listen to it. However, you must continue with basic or some relaxed activities like going for a walk or stretching because it will help your body to produce the endorphins needed. You are also advised to remember that the body will begin to react just three days after you decide to skip exercising.

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