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Kelly, Another Trump’s Enemy, to Leave White House, Officials Speculate

A defiant chief of staff

The chief of staff at the White House, John Kelly, has scoured disposition in the past few months. His attitude has been garnished with remarks he always makes to the aides, which are throwing insults at Trump’s intelligence. He also likes parading himself as someone who possesses messiah-like attributes to save America, say eight serving and past officials in the White House.

John Kelly’s days are numbered as many White House officials predict his dismissal latest in July

They reported Kelly’s arrogance, fond of carrying himself as a one-man defense to the aides of the government, believing that he’s strong enough to withstand disaster. This disposition has curtailed the bizarre cravings of Trump, someone who also possesses an unreliable opinion on policy matters and responsibilities of the administration. Kelly calls the president someone with a “simpleton” character so many times just to make a statement. These sources who gave out the information said they usually witness such occasions.

However, Kelly denied doing such, putting off the news as “complete nonsense.”

He said while commenting on the matter that his company with President Trump takes longer than any other person in the House, and their relationship is very cordial and firm. The chief of staff also added that Trump understands his (Kelly’s) opinions on different issues, so, the two of them knew that the news was false.

He referred to himself as a devoted staff to Trump, the US, and the president’s vision. The information is just a terrible effort to tarnish the reputations of Trump’s loyalists and divert people’s attention away from the government’s numerous achievements.

Close sources hinted that the public reputation of Kelly, who retired as a general with four-star decoration, is contrary to what he’s doing now. They said Kelly is trying to bring orderliness to the intuitive president and an already disorganized White House, but the unruly and insensitive manner he’s adopting in his quests are very disappointing to them, especially as a chief of staff.

Michael Beschloss, the historian who specializes in presidential chronicles, explained that when the statements made by Kelly concerning President Trump are placed in comparison to the last statements from the chiefs of staff in the White House, then one can detect that there is no regard at all. He further said that these officials don’t have regard for Trump even as he’s the president of the US, and this kind of disdain has not been witnessed before.

Kelly knew that he would be fired soon but he also wished to nominate his choice person to replace him, but not definitely John Bolton, the past American Ambassador to the UN

Kelly reminds Beschloss of Don Regan

The historian added that the best similar example, in this case, is Don Regan, the chief of staff under former president, Ronald Reagan, when he was in power for the second term. Regan in a way detested the president and belittled him, says Beschloss. At last, he could no longer get the back up from President Reagan and other employees. Two years later, Regan lost his job to Howard Baker who was put in his place, according to Beschloss.

When last it came to the open that someone among Trump’s senior counsellors lambasted his personality when he wasn’t present, such action wasn’t taken lightly by Trump. The aides at the White House reported that the president didn’t forget the time he was called a “moron” by Rex Tillerson, the immediate past Secretary of State. The insult was uttered in the presence of other officials. Afterward, Trump put Tillerson through an Intelligence trial and dismissed him officially many months since the abusive words emerged publicly.

Both present and past officials of the White House said that Kelly is sometimes disrespectful towards the female workers, which have caused embarrassment to the women. Several times, Kelly would tell aides that females have more emotions than males. He’d done this not less than once right in the presence of Trump, according to four serving and past officials.

Kelly is too Inquisitive and Rude

Three close sources said that when allegations on domestic assault against Rob Porter, the past secretary of staff at the White House, became intensely heated last February, Kelly spoke out on how long would Porter wait for his dignity to come back. The controversial official also wondered how come Porter’s former wives didn’t carry on with their lives because he(Kelly) claimed that he has information concerning Porter’s past marriages.

Some present and past officials said that it’s expected that Kelly would be gone by coming July, which is the 1-year deadline for him. However, others think that it’s just a guess. Notwithstanding, the obvious thing is that Kelly and the president are somewhat uncomfortable with each other’s company.

Lately, President Trump got steamed up about reports concerning one particular part of the book written by the sometime Director of FBI, James Comey. The part talked about a call made by Kelly to Comey, when Trump dismissed him casually. According to the message, Kelly told Comey that he wasn’t ready to work with individuals who lack honor, five officers said.

The information about the call came out in the open by the previous summer, but Kelly disapproved belittling Trump, another three officers reported.

Trump doesn’t like McMaster because of his style of presentation which is erratic and overbearing

The representatives reported that the compilation of the potential replacements for Kelly which the Office of Presidential Personnel possesses was more lengthy than Nielsen and Kobach. Nonetheless, that is not to say that the list didn’t reflect the two men as soon as it was sent to President Trump. They added that after the president picked Nielsen, he read how the conservatives condemned her, so he questioned Kelly on the matter.

The officials didn’t deny that the president mimicked McMaster, the past National Security Advisor H.R., then sometimes take him off the timing. They asserted that the best selection from Kelly was not John Bolton, the past US Ambassador to the UN.

The mouthpieces stated that Kelly disclaims ever uttering any negative statement about Trump to the former boss of FBI, Comey. He said the phone conversation was just to offer his goodwill.


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