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Nicole Kidman’s Untold Story – After 20 Years, She Finally Opens Up About Her Love Affairs & Her Divorce Attorney Might Not Like It

Nicole Kidman is probably the most elegant blonde in the world, She’s Statuesque and has a model-like figure, she’s known as one of Hollywood’s best Australian actors/actresses ever, although she was actually born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She broke some of Hollywood’s biggest stars’ hearts, and she opens up about it >>


Nicole and Tom

Nicole Kidman first met Tom Cruise in 1989 while Nicole auditioned for Days of Thunder, they married a year after. While they were together Nicole and Tom co-starred in movies like Far and Away and Eyes Wide Shut, made a number of glamorous appearances together, and adopted a daughter, Isabella Jane in 1992 and a son, Connor in 1995.

In 2001, Tom filed for divorce and asked for joint custody of their kids.

The reason for their breakup is still not clear, although rumors circulated that Tom’s Scientologist believes played a part. Both of them rarely talked about what went wrong in their relationship.

Nicole’s adopted kids – Isabella and Connor

Nicole Kidman doesn’t like to talk much about her 2 adopted kids with Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor. Both of them are in their twenties and practice Scientology. They were raised inside the cult, cut off ties with Nicole and chose to live with their father.

Kidman said that as adults they are entitled to choose to be Scientologists and as a mother, it’s her duty to love them no matter what.

Kidman emphasized that her love for her children is an unconditional one and that she’ll always have love available for them.

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