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Obama’s Message to America: “Division Will Kill Our Beloved Democracy”

President Obama’s warning

Barack Obama, the immediate past US leader, is optimistic that the country can find solutions to its disunity in the political arena. However, he added a stern warning to the Americans, that their economy, as well as their democracy,  will be in danger if they refuse to do away with the blame games and adherent chaos which has tightened the country for many years. Obama added that technological evolution from cell phones to networks on social media is aiding US’ divisiveness, instead of bringing them together.

People in the US allow technology to dominate their lives, erasing the true cultural values of unity, says Barack Obama

The message is something new in Obama’s usual intonation, a firmer change of speech since the first black American ruler handed over power to President Trump last year.

Obama gave this emotion-laden oration on the evening of Wednesday during a Summit on technology held in Las Vegas and anchored by Okta, a firm that specializes in security identity. He extensively enumerated on the American future.

His past public messages since the termination of his administration have focused on optimism about where America is headed. However, when Todd McKinnon, Okta boss, wanted to know Obama’s opinion on how identity issues work in today’s world, the president diverted to giving warning.

Obama’s views on modern-day American culture

He said Americans are living in a modern-day tradition that makes everyone feel smashed by information and clash of different worlds. He went on by noting that such lifestyle is not like their forefathers’ culture. Mankind spent the greatest part of his life, cohabiting all through within one common geographic community where people were birthed, owned collusion of acquaintances that spread to probably one hundred and fifty humans.

People also cohabited in communities with solidly clear laws and hopes, says Obama. He pointed out that American brains have been patterned that way. Contrarily, in today’s world, people have the means to go round America or around the globe easily. Everybody makes use of technology, even slowly advanced areas are not excluded, such as Africa. All the people own phones.

What this tells us is that our societies are more linked, and our alliances are being re-molded by technology, which serves as the entry to new information and how we earn our incomes.

The best thing that America possessed is the ‘running start’ on the ways to handle this type of arrangement, in comparison to other nations worldwide, Obama enthused. He continued that the US is a country of travelers and settlers. America constitutes diverse people who migrated from all part of the earth, so it needed to find out ways to come together, do things together but not focused on racial affinity, nor a religious denomination. The country should even forget about language. Unity should be founded on doctrine and assets, he explained.

Obama is so passionate about American democratic unity that he endorsed a Netflix partnership because he could see how such deal can solve the country’s disunity

United States not united yet

The United States is faced with the present day problem of confusion on the best ways to sustain the feeling of general goals, the people’s spirit of solidarity as against splitting and growing apart, says the former ruler. It’s becoming more difficult today because of some ongoing arguments on different platforms and social media. Obama nonetheless thinks it’s now important more than before, because when Americans don’t find the lasting solution, the consequences will not just be tough on their economy needed by them to live but also would be difficult for their democratic dispensation to thrive.

The former president is of the opinion that a certain way the US can sustain and advance its national image, which allows the people to first see themselves as natives, instead of being distinguished by different tribes, is to share details among one another. When this is diligently done, then they will begin to accept one another as the same humans, instead of mere imitations depicting another tribe.

Obama advised that tech firms under Silicon Valley must be coordinated and advance on how they manage data glitches

Obama recommended that the most appropriate starting point is to charge everybody to extend their media origins, regardless of the political range they fall into.

Recently, says Obama, their share of dispersion is when they spend the entire day viewing news on Fox, or they read the latest happenings in New York Times, they are representing two different worlds. The people need to sort things out. Coming together with this array of channels is very crucial. A general precedent of facts which allow them to unite and find ways out of the American problems cannot be over-emphasized, he noted.

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