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Off Duty Policewoman Forestalls a Shooter’s Attempt to Rob a School

A Gunman Appears

On a beautiful Saturday morning, CCTV camera caught an unknown attacker on a black jacket who tried to rob small kids and their mothers. Unfortunately for him, his attempt failed because of a heroic policewoman who even though off duty, happened to have taken her gun with her.

A video surfaced online showing how a 21-year-old shooter called Elivelton Neves Moreira came to a Mother’s Day crowded event. It happened at the premises of a privately-owned school, located at Jardim dos Ipês area of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Moreira’s plan was frustrated by Katie da Silva Sastre, a 42-year-old mother of two and a police agent. She acted on instincts and brought out the gun in her bag. Without blinking, three gunshots were released into the gunman’s body.

According to the footage, Moreira fell on his back, holding his heart painfully. Sastre used her right foot to turn him around and laid him face down, after throwing away her bag. Moreira reportedly passed away later that day in a hospital due to the gun wounds he sustained. Regardless of this unwanted ending, Sastre still became an instant hero who received commendations for her bravery.

Gov. França also acknowledged the act of the security officer via his Twitter page. He posted that he earlier attended a program at the Eastern side of Sao Paulo for the 4th BAEP. The event was organized to show respect to Corporal Katia Sastre. Fracas added that her bravery and quick-thinking attributes protected the kids and their mothers.

In an appreciative message to the heroine for her timely intervention despite her ‘off-duty’ status, Gov. Francas gave her a beautiful orchid in her station. The brave officer has two decades of experience in the police force. Her husband is also a lieutenant in the force as well.

Although the governor of Sao Paulo would have loved to keep the robber alive, he nonetheless applauded Sastre’s good acts

A Mother to The Rescue

Going back to the incidence, it all started that morning when Sastre waited outside the private school, Ferreira Master, to be opened. Suddenly, an armed thief wearing black clothes appeared in front of the confused mothers. He declared himself as a robber, producing a .38 revolver in the process. Several children and their moms were present.

He aimed the gun at the security man on duty and tried to snatch the guard’s phone and wallet. Sastre acted on time after she earlier got the hint about the impending robbery from one woman. She stopped Momeira unexpectedly with her already set gun.

The licensed police gun was loaded quickly, then she moved out towards the robber and fired three shots at him. The bullets hit him on his heart region and leg, failing in his attempt to return the shots. He dropped on his back, lying helpless on the road. Immediately, he fired two bullets. The initial shot sprang up from the road without hitting anyone. Then the subsequent locked inside the gun.

Get Him Down

The officer was fast in stepping away from the shooting angle. Sastre moved his gun away from him with her right leg before taking it from the ground. Both of them were in that position while waiting for the medical team and more police to arrive at the scene.

Sastre later said to her co-workers that she didn’t have any idea if he planned to fire at the children and their mothers or even security men standing outside the school gate. She had attended the program in the company of her oldest daughter.  All the heroine wanted to do was to defend her life, her daughter’s life, the lives of the mothers and the kids.

Her presence at the event saved the day, although losing the gunman was unintentional

Her husband, Andre Alves, explained that the number one bullet from Momeira snapped back and flew away. Then his next attempt to shoot was stopped because the gun was locked. Fortunately, Alves continued, his wife was quicker than Moreira could be. Usually, armed bandits become extremely violent even to the point of murdering their gun battle opponent if they realize he or she is a cop, says Sastre’s husband.

Gov. Fracas expressed sadness over the end of Momeira’s life, describing it as “regrettable” and flawed. In fact, says the leader, it would be preferable if he was still alive. Nonetheless, this should serve as a note of warning to people who carry guns, says Fracas. They might get killed in return because Brazilian security personnel are competent to safeguard the lives of the general public, the governor said.

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