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Sarah Sanders Under Fire for Supposedly Making False Statements

The press secretary to the White House, Sarah Sanders, has expressed her displeasure at being called a liar. Sarah Sanders has often been accused by the populace of not stating facts as they are. While granting an interview to a media outfit, she complained about how this accusation bothered her a whole lot.

Her False Statements

Sarah Sanders has shown Her Resentment About Being Called a Liar

A notable site has faulted Sarah Sanders rejection of being called a liar showing four instances where the press secretary supposedly released some untrue statements. These statements were apparently reports she received as from the presidency.

One of the four instances occurred in November during a press conference where she stated that those who were granted entry into the US were not properly scrutinized or inspected. Another instance happened to be in October during another press conference, where she made mention that Chicago, which has a high account of gun-related crimes, also had the most unpleasant regulations on gun use in the country.

In July last year, Sarah Sanders was alleged to have released another statement where she stated that the president of the US, Donald Trump, has never endorsed or upheld violence in any form. She made these statements bearing in mind that there were video clips which refute the claims. In March 2017, she claimed that while Barack Obama was still in office, he called for the close monitoring of Donald Trump.

Sarah Sanders Accused Barack Obama of Keeping Tabs On Trump

She once released reports of Trump wanting to ensure that the rights of the press are almost unrestricted, which he was fully committed to ensuring that it came through. However, these reports were released just after Trump had proposed that reporters should be stripped of whatever qualification or forms of identifications which they possess.

Trump said this based on his claims that most news bodies were always in the tradition of giving false news and reports. The body further stated that all the blame cannot be attributed to Sarah Sanders, because her position in the White House prevents her from doing the needful. S

Mike McCurry’s version 

Some time ago in Washington, Mike McCurry and Sanders had a little run-in at an event which was organized by the White House Correspondents Association. McCurry opined that Trump’s administration needs to be one which sees eye-to-eye with the press. Sanders, in reply to this mentioned that Trump’s administration had no intentions of doing such.

Sander’s boss has called them all sorts of demeaning names countless times, including calling them adversaries of Americans, and also employing social media platforms to confront journalists individually.

McCurry Faults Trump’s Statements Against Journalists

McCurry further stated that Trump’s rantings on the social media are currently putting the economy in bad shape. While press secretaries of former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Jay Carney, and Ari Fleischer also had this to say.

Carney, in his view, stated that he could not relate to the job, as it was not how it used to be. Also, Fleischer’s comment was not too different from Carney’s, he mentioned that everything looks anew, unlike when he was there.

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