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Stars Of Crocodile Dundee, 30 Years Later – Where Are They Now & What Do They Look Like

In 1986, the Australian Crocodile Hunter Paul Hogan had captured the attention for the year, leaving people reeling with excitement to watch the popular film. The movie was more successful than it was expected to have been, and it racked up the stars in box office before it became cemented in pop culture as a cult classic. The film sported a bizarre premise, but it was nominated for an Oscar. If you were a fan or perhaps just interested to learn some background info on the show, find out a bit more about the careers and achievements of some of the cast members of Crocodile Dundee. Some are in retirement, but most are keeping the ball rolling!

John Meillon – 55 As Walter Riley

John Meillon’s acting career began when he was just eleven years old. When he grew up a bit, at sixteen, he joined the Shakespeare Touring Company. He advocated for work in the theater, saying it had taught him discipline, and he further stated that television work was not a suitable training medium. He studied at the University of Sydney. Meillon had also worked extensively in voice-overs, owing to his baritone voice. He played ‘Walter Riley’ on Crocodile Dundee, and his role in the 1988 sequel was his last before his death in 1989.

Ritchie Singer – Age Unknown As Con

Australian actor Ritchie Singer played ‘Con’ on the Crocodile Dundee original, and though he isn’t a household name, he is getting by with his acting work! He went on to be cast in nearly thirty other different projects, one of which was a recurring TV show role in a program called Crownies. On Charlie’s County, a critically acclaimed film, Singer shared the screen with David Gulpilil, a Dundee co-star. He got his acting education from the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

Mark Blum – 68 As Richard

Mark Blum’s character in the favorite show was never one to be loved. He played a character called ‘Richard,’ who consistently thwarts the chemistry building between ‘Dundee’ and ‘Sue.’ In spite of playing a part not well-loved, his performance was noticed and he landed good roles afterward. His latest work is on Mozart in the Jungle and in Coin Heist. He is not very active in his acting career, though we think that he still has many years before he would want to check into a retirement home!

Reginald Vel Johnson – 66 As a Limo Driver

Even fans of the original Dundee movie might not be able to easily recall Reginald Vel Johnson, because he did play a rather minor role, his great performance had allowed him to generate interest from casting professionals in the field. He went on to land other good roles thereafter. He’s a famous Hollywood character actor today and he’s had notable parts, like on the Die Hard franchise. He’s not up for retirement just yet – he’s still very much visible on!

Maggie Blinco – 84 As Ida

If you were a fan of Crocodile Dundee and its sequel, you would remember ‘Ida,’ played by Maggie Blinco. While she is best recognized for that particular performance, it certainly wasn’t her first appearance in front of the camera. She had starred in several films and TV shows before appearing as Ida, and she is still acting today. You can spot her on Doctor Doctor, Cheek to Cheek and in the lead role of a short film called BABA. She’s not done yet with acting!

David Gulpilil – 65 As Neville Bell

He delivers undeniably talented performances on screen, and David Gulpilil sure acted the part of ‘Neville Bell’ in Crocodile Dundee alongside Paul Hogan, very well indeed. He found he was cast in good roles after his job as ‘Neville,’ and he went on to appear on Charlie’s Country and on The Proposition. In 2002, he received an AACTA award for Best Actor in a Lead Role, for his performance on The Tracker. The Australian actor also happens to have other talents too – he is also a traditional dancer. No retirement planning yet for this man!

Ernie Dingo – 62 As Charlie

Remember ‘Charlie’ from Crocodile Hunter? Well, Ernie Dingo is still around, and he’s still an active actor. His role as ‘Charlie’ didn’t catapult him to stardom, but he has three acting credits to his name since his days on Dundee. His very recent work is in Redfern Now. While he has an active career, he appears mostly in online movies, so if you are streaming TV through the net, you have a chance of coming across Ernie.

Steve Rackman – Age Unknown As Donk

If you happened to be an avid wrestling fan way back in the ‘80s, then you’d likely be familiar with Steve Rackman, as he served as ‘Crusher,’ the brawler in the ring. Fans of Crocodile Dundee, however, would remember Rackman as the only man to kiss the character of Paul Hogan in the first movie, playing ‘Donk,’ the meathead. He quickly went into retirement after the roles and returned to Australia, where he is a personal trainer running a gym.

Terry Gill – Died At 75 As Group Leader

Terry Gill appeared in only one Dundee film. In spite of that, he is actually a prolific actor who is well remembered. He never had to see himself depend on elder care services, as he died in 2015, but after appearing in 71 films first. Some of his best performances were on Prisoner, The Flying Doctors, Blue Heelers, and Neighbours. Acting had not been his only past time, though; he and Carol Ann, his wife, ran a Melbourne restaurant for several years, producing theater shows and pantomimes featuring well-recognized performers.

Gerry Skilton – 73 As Nugget O’Cass

Gerry Skilton was a common denominator in all three Dundee films, and he played the character ’Nugget O’Cass.’ What actually happened was that those roles he performed on the Dundee films were his only credits in his resumé, and he went into retirement in 2001, after he stopped receiving audition information from Hollywood. Skilton then was last on camera with Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles. He actually isn’t the only actor to have been cast on Dundee films and then retired, though!

Paul Rodriguez –  63 As Diego

Paul Rodriguez has had a diverse and long career in comedy. The Mexico-born, Los Angeles-raised comedian schooled on the GI Bill, and he has turned out to be a talented and flexible talent in the competitive world of entertainment. While he nailed his performances on Blood Work and on Ali, he will forever be remembered for his role in the final Crocodile Dundee film, as ‘Diego.’ We’ve seen a lot of Rodriguez – including full movies like Beverley Hills Chihuahua, The Original Latin Kings of Comedy, and A Cinderella Story. 

Jere Burns – 63 As Arnan Rothman

Jere Burns is fondly recalled for his role on Crocodile Dundee as ‘Arnan Rothman.’ He does great in doing edgy characters with his bad-boy persona and raspy voice. Since leaving the Dundee trilogy, Burns has enjoyed a successful acting career and has landed some noteworthy TV roles, thanks to his work on From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Justified, and even on The Muppets. He seems pretty busy – it sure doesn’t seem like he’s short of some action in his career! Even more, he’s way too young to fulfill his retirement planning!

Charles S. Dutton – 67 As Leroy Brown

Charles S. Dutton has acted on Alien 3, Rudy, and Bessie. He played ‘Leroy Brown’ in the sequel of Crocodile Dundee, and the role was a page in his book of credits, albeit a well-recognized one. He went on to spread his talent through more incredible movie roles, and he also did work in TV shows. Dutton is a highly educated man, though he had achieved that later in life. His studies had led him to graduate in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, then a Master’s degree in 1983.

Aida Turturro – 56 As Jean Ferraro

Aida Turturro had a minor role in the third and final Crocodile Dundee movie, but that sure didn’t stop her from acquiring some notable credits during her career thereafter! She is also well recognized for having acted on The Sopranos, an HBO series where she starred as Tony Soprano’s sister. Recently, she’s been on her toes working in TV, on Law & Order as ‘Judge Felicia Catano.’ As for her background like acting classes, Turturro majored in theater at the State University of New York at New Paltz in 1984.

Stephen Root – 66 As DEA Agent

Stephen Root’s role as a DEA Agent in the sequel of Crocodile Dundee was actually this amazing actor’s first film role! Since those days, Root has proven his multi-skills at being a comedian, an actor and a great voice actor. He is famous for his roles on King of the Hill, News Radio, Office Space, and on DodgeBall: A True Underdog.  Once upon a time, Root’s name was not a celebrity news feature but today, he can proudly say he’s worked for his achievements and is fame!

Caitlin Clarke – 52 As Simone

Caitlin Clarke played Valerian, a fierce character on the Dragon Slayer movie, released in 1981. Her performance grabbed many hearts, and she later landed a role, albeit a minor one, on Crocodile Dundee, where she played ‘Simone.’ She scored a couple of more gigs during her career, but it was cut short by her death at 52, even before she could go on retirement from acting. She was an exceptionally talented woman indeed – and we have no doubt that we didn’t even get to see the best of her before she was gone!

Linda Kozlowski – 60 As Sue Charlton

Linda Kozlowski didn’t become a talented performer with her starring on Crocodile Dundee – she was already one before she was cast in the film! She graduated from The Julliard School, a prestigious institution that delivers courses in dance, music, and in drama. Before being cast as ‘Sue Charlton,’ she had very few credits to her name as an actress.  Perhaps it was her choice, as she might have turned down a few chances – who knows! But life goes on, and she’s been enjoying her retirement since 2001.

Hechter Ubarry – Age Unknown As Rico

Born in Puerto Rico, Hechter Ubarry’s family had settled in New York when he was three. Hechter began honing his acting and singing talents in his youth when he was a kid in the ‘Big Apple.’ He continued singing through his high school years, and he eventually came to land a role on Crocodile Dundee II, as ‘Rico.’ After his performance, he began receiving several role offers but turned to Broadway instead. Since 2000, he’s been running his very own cabaret show.

Sullivan Walker – 65 As Tall Man

Anybody who doesn’t recall Trinidadian Sullivan Walker from the film Crocodile Dundee was definitely somebody who didn’t watch the full movie! He was that tall man at the subway station who asks Sue, “What’s up lady?” For those who have watched the film, it would be inarguable that the ending would not have been the same at all without Walker acting as ‘Tall Man.’ He also lent some magic to The Cosby Show, where he acted as ‘Dr. James Harmon.’ Sadly, Sullivan died in 2012.

Luis Guzmán – 62 As Jose

Luis Guzman is an American actor who hailed from the Puerto Rican soil, and he is easily familiar, thanks to his role on Dundee – the sequel actually. He went on to act in CBS’ Code Black.  He is majorly cast in roles where he delivers a performance as a thug, a member of the police academy, or a sidekick. There’s always one of those in an action, thriller or suspense! His 2018 recent work consists of The Padre and also of Belleville Cop.

Clare Carey – 51 As Mikey Dundee Skater

Producer and actress Clare Carey was certainly recognized for her work on Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles, but it was her roles on So Little Time and on Coach that she really drew attention towards herself and her acting skills. Actually, she joined an acting training program with Joanne Baron, called a Meisner program, for two years before she plunged into her acting part on Coach. For most people, acting isn’t all a bed of roses, as it seems to be!

Carlos Carrasco – 70 As Garcia

Before an actor can progress to better and bigger roles, they’ve got to perform a fair share of minor ones on camera first – usually, that is! It wasn’t so much different for Carlos Carrasco, who acted on Crocodile Dundee II, playing ‘Garcia.’ It is quite likely that you wouldn’t easily recall Carrasco on the Dundee movie, as it was a very small role. He trudged on, though, and do you know that he got cast on Jurassic Park and on Star Trek? Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Kenneth Welsh – 76 As Brannigan

Kenneth Welsh played ‘Brannigan’ on the Dundee sequel in 1988, and the Canadian actor did plenty of other noteworthy work as well. Welsh worked even on an episode of The Twilight Zone, called Act of Terror. He was forty-six by the time he was cast as ‘Brannigan,’ but he’s aged well in every way. In 2003, he was granted a Canadian honor – he was named a member of The Order of Canada. Welsh is still acting in his mid-70s, so no need for elder care just yet!

Rik Colitti – 75 As Danny

Rik Colitti was everybody’s number one New York cab driver on Crocodile Dundee – ‘Danny.’ He has been a part of some of the funniest scenes in the film (not easy to do – no amount of acting classes can teach you natural humor!), and the fact that he was born and raised in the ‘Big Apple’ had helped him deliver an authentic New York character. After his role as Danny, he went on to act on Almost Partners and on The George Carlin Show. He died in 2010, a few days before his 76th birthday.

Anne Carlisle – 62 As Gwendoline

Anne Carlisle is a performance artist, an actress, author, model, and acting teacher – how’s that for an extensive portfolio?! She has starred in a few films, and on Crocodile Dundee, she played the role of a transgender woman named ‘Gwendoline.’ Carlisle is known for acting and for co-writing the male and female counterparts in the movie Liquid Sky. In 1984, her name was gaining fame but for different reasons – her photoshoot for Playboy magazine as a matter of fact! What a bold woman!

Kaitlin Hopkins – 54 As Miss Mathis

Kaitlyn Hopkins played ‘Miss Mathis’ in the popular Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles. Her comedy work would have been much appreciated and greatly welcomed in the earlier films, but the fact that she made it on the third installment of the film is satisfactory and we sure are pleased she was cast. While stage props are her preference over movie props, she delivered a great show on screen. Compared to what she had done before as well as her work after, her appearance on the Dundee film was a minor one.

Juan Fernández de Alarcon – 61 As Alec Wilson

Juan Fernández de Alarcon is best known for acting out evil characters in movies. Fernández breathed his first breath in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. Salome was his film debut, and ever since, he has starred in more than thirty films. He is also a producer. His credits are the films The Collector, A Man Apart, and of course, Crocodile Dundee II. He actually worked as a model, representing several of the best designers in the industry – like Nino Cerruti, Ossie Clark, and Yves Saint-Laurent 

Paul Hogan – 78 As Mick Dundee

Paul Hogan sure had things cooking for him, what with the Crocodile Dundee series going so smoothly and so well. For a suspended moment in time, he was to rise into a Hollywood star! But of course, these things don’t happen overnight, and we’re okay with that! The Dundee trilogy was the first of all his gigs, but he continued other work. In fact, his most recent gig was in the 2015 TV series called Open Slather. Hogan’s on the brink of eight decades, but he is nowhere near retirement homes!

Mike Tyson – 35 As Himself

Mike had a cameo on Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles. Mick and his son Mickey stumble upon Mike meditating. They ask him to show them how and Mike tells them the secret to his power. Mike Tyson needs no special introduction, as he one of America’s most prominent boxers. He competed from 1985 to 2005 and is now in retirement. Mike was the undisputed world heavyweight champion and he still holds the record as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title, at 20. Mike’s most recent appearances were on Mike Tyson Mysteries and Public Disturbance.

Linda Kozlowski – 28 As Sue Charlton

Linda portrays the character of Sue Charlton in the movies, who is Dundee’s love interest. She was born in Connecticut in 1958 and began her acting career in 1981. Linda debuted in an off-Broadway production of How It All Began and had the same role in the movie version. Her role on Crocodile Dundee was her big break. In her portfolio, Linda also later had starring roles on Pass the Ammo and Favorite Son, but her Dundee trilogy performance was the one that earned her the stars; she was praised for her roles in the movie as well as for the chemistry she and Hogan had.

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