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Teacher Injured While Trying to Stop Another Mass Shooting in West Middle School, Indianapolis

Information gathered from eyewitnesses explained and stated clearly how an Indiana-based middle school young boy came to the schooling environment and opened fire on a Friday morning as students and teachers were on the job for the day.

Reports from the police officers showcased the essence of being at alert as a student and a teacher sustained injury through the course of this occurrence.

In Pursuit To Secure his students’ Lives

An eyewitness from the school reports on how scary it was to hear the sound of a gun in such an environment.

A Teacher From The School Becomes The Savior Of The Day – Jason Seaman

Investigation with respect to knowing who exactly shot the gun was immediately taken up by the police. The prime suspect they got was a student who schooled at the Noblesville West Middle school, which is situated at about 27 miles to the north direction of Indianapolis. The suspect, as reported, requested permission to leave the class for a while, unknowing to the class that there was an exterior motive to what was currently happening.

Chief Kevin Jowitt a Noblesville police gave a speech at a news conference about the middle school shooter excusing himself to perpetrate such an irresponsible act. The teacher and student who fell victim of the incidence sustained their injuries within the four walls of the classroom.

A teacher of the school, as identified by the student to be Jason Seaman, took it upon himself to stop the shooter. One of the students in the class gave a detailed account of how the suspect came into the class with two guns in his hands and started shooting aimlessly and irresponsibly.

Health Report About the injuried student 

The family of one of the students who sustained an injury in the process of the reckless shooting made a public statement on Friday night about the current health state of the injured girl, and as far as we know, she is fine but not yet fit for school.

Jason Seaman, who stopped the boy, was discharged from the hospital on Saturday, as he underwent a critical surgery, with reference to his mother’s post on Facebook in the same week. The Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis also has the account of this report. The report went all across the city of how Seaman took it upon himself to protect the students’ lives from the horrifying incidence. The selfless, heroic act of Seaman earned him special praise from local politicians and the general public.

Colette, Seaman’s wife also gave a statement with reference to her husband’s heroic act of a selfless disposition, saying, it was her pleasure that her husband did it, and she thanked the people who took immediate care and action towards the issue. Jason is very glad at the fact that he was able to save the day by limiting the potential consequence of the incidence, irrespective of the fact that he also had an injury in the course of doing it. He further said to the student that they are the reason why he ventured into the career of teaching, because they are wonderful and amazing.

A student of the Noblesville West Middle School moments after the shooting at the school on May 25, 2018

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