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Woman Calls Police to Arrest Two Native American Brothers

Wrongly Accused

Police issued out the recorded reports from one mother who came for a tour at the Colorado State University. In the recording, the unnamed woman called the police emergency line to ask for their attention on two boys.

The two students were identified as Thomas Kanewakeron Gray, 19, and his younger brother, Lloyd Skanahwati Gray, 17. The woman told the police that the boys’ attitude looked unusual. According to the CSU management, she said Thomas and Lloyd wore black clothes. Soon after the call, CSU shared the video of how policemen were dragging the brothers away from the rest of the tour students for interrogation.

Racial discrimination is gradually creeping back into the society, with the Native American brothers’ case being the latest one

However, the incident has generated intense reactions from the society. Critics consider it as one of the recent instances where racism is being displayed. Some similar cases that has been taking place these last couple of weeks are pointers to this assertion.

CSU agreed that the Gray brothers’ case was a sad one, and depressing in almost all ramification. The management felt bad for the two boys who came for the tour program to determine if the school would be good for their higher education.

Uneasy Seeling

Thomas and Lloyd got to the tour quite late. According to their mother who spoke with journalists, Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray, the teenagers saved up their fees for the program. They traveled for 7 hours to Fort Collins in Colorado from New Mexico, using the family vehicle. This effort was just to see the CSU environment.

The two brothers, Thomas and Lloyd Gray

When the brothers arrived to the venue, the program had already started. CSU reported that one particular mother who was also taking part in the program dialed 911 and said the school police should come check out the boys. Her reason was that their presence made her uneasy.

Police men came quickly in response to the distress call. When they saw the boys, they dragged them to one corner as the tour went on in their absence. However, after much interrogation, the boys were asked for evidence that they truly belonged to the tour, and Lloyd showed them an invitation from CSU on his SMS inbox. The officers affirmed that they were innocent and had all the right to become part of the tour group. Unfortunately, the group had left them behind, says CSU authorities.

CSU tries to appease the Grays

The unnamed woman who called the police on them alleged that their behavior was very out of place. The woman said that they wore black clothes that have ‘bizarre symbols or languages’ imprinted on them. One of the brothers pocketed his hands into his sweat-top, according to her. She added that one began to laugh when she questioned them about what they would love to read at CSU. A suspected foul-play came up along the line, says the panic-stricken.

She said they might be Hispanic when she was asked if the Grays were whites, because one of them said he’s a Mexican. However, she confessed that she felt absurd about the incidence, and she has not called the cops on anybody in the past.

When the week began, the management of Colorado State University got in touch personally to Thomas and Lloyd.  They also contacted their current schools. According to the tweets posted by the school authorities, CSU requested for the chance to have a word with the Grays and their mother.

While addressing the issue, the president of CSU, Tony Frank, pointed out that he, as the executive of the institution, is a white man. His skin color enabled him to enjoy his current privilege. Frank agreed that the cases of racism and prejudiced attitude in various tertiary institutions are on the increase, based on recent happenings.

He concluded by saying that Colorado University doesn’t have any place to breed hatred, neither will the authorities keep quiet about it.

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