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96-Year-Old Woman Sells Her House After 70 Years – What The Buyers Found Inside Left Them Gasping

If you ever needed proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, then this story could be for you. We’re going to be uncovering the secret behind a 96-year-old woman’s home located in West Toronto that’s been put up on sale. From the outside, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate it from any standard property. And if you were to buy it on the basis that an elderly woman has owned it for over seventy years, you might be tempted to call in a restoration team. Once you walk through the threshold of the front door, you’ll find yourself lost within a classic beauty which will surely surprise you.

A Home Like Any Other

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Carla and Gladys Spizzirri are two realtors who had seen their fair share of homes throughout their time. So when they got the call to go visit 148 Jane Street, they didn’t have any real expectations of what to find. The home appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary and likely had home insurance like any other. Once Joyce, an elderly lady who lived there, called up Carla and Gladys for an evaluation of her home, that closed-minded ideology would soon dissipate into a forgotten memory.

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