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Celebrities With Insane Net Worth: Some Had To Work At McDonald’s, Now They Are Millionaires

Seeing all those celebs spending ridiculous amounts of money on clothes, cars, and whatnot is bound to make us want to become famous ourselves. They have the freedom to do whatever they want and still enjoy a handsome fortune that promises a carefree life. Just one look at their luxury real estate will make anyone jealous at least a little bit. But some of these celebs didn’t get their money all that easily. In fact, they had to work hard for it. We are about to reveal to you the crazy net worth of a number of celebs and what they did to earn it. Let’s check them out!

J.K. Rowling – $1 Billion, From Teacher To Wealthy Author

While she is not a typical celebrity, J.K. Rowling has enough money to make many Hollywood stars jealous. The author of Harry Potter has earned for herself a net worth of $1 billion, which is probably more than any writer could ever dream of. We guess she never imagined her book would be such a success when she finished the first one in 1995. The fact that many publishers had initially rejected her certainly did a lot to shake her confidence. But this humble writer is very down-to-earth and she doesn’t brag about her wealth. It is believed that she has donated about $150 million to various charities.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber – $1.2 Billion, From Building A Toy Theatre To Becoming A Famous Composer

Andrew Lloyd Webber is the famous English composer with about $1.2 billion in his bank account. This talented composer of musical theater has earned his money by composing 13 musicals as well as a Latin Requiem Mass. He won many awards throughout his successful career, including an Oscar. He also added a title to his portfolio when he earned his knighthood in 1992. Andrew runs his own company now called the Really Useful Group, which is pretty successful in the UK as well as internationally.

Jerry Bruckheimer – $900 Million, From Commercials To Producing Blockbusters

Jerry Bruckheimer is considered to be one of the most successful producers since the ‘80s, and with his earnings, he definitely deserved to be on the list. He first started working on commercials but worked his way up, largely thanks to the movie Flashdance which was a big success. This opened many doors for him and Jerry then produced hit movies like Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop, together with Don Simpson. Oh, and did we mention that before becoming a producer, Jerry worked in advertising? When his partner died, Jerry went on to produce many more hits, including Armageddon.

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