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Celebrities Who Took Their Little Ones’ Halloween Costumes To The Edge

When celebrity kids do Halloween, unlike everyone else, the cost is no obstacle when it comes to costumes. So we can expect to see some pretty interesting and authentic looks, where the kids (and often their parents also) donning interesting clothes and trinkets that are a part of a character’s outfit. Likewise, they go trick-or-treating through some affluent neighborhoods, or attend star-studded Halloween events, so they get more expensive treats. But irrespective of all this, they’re still just kids having fun and sporting dresses or outfits fit for the occasion. So we’ll take a look back at some of the funniest moments for some very ‘celeb’ kids.

With his Golden Weapons, the Overlord definitely does NOT stand a chance!

Hilary Duff – Luca Cruz Comrie, Lego Ninjago

Luca Cruz Comrie dresses like The Chosen One, a character from Lego Ninjago Movie, and poses with mom, star of Younger, Hilary Duff. Duff, dressed like a cute bunny, posed for a photo with her son, who was wearing a complete Lego Ninjago costume. They were on their way to a Halloween party.  Luca’s dad is former NHL player Mike Comrie, with whom Duff had a relationship. Now in 2018, she’s pregnant with her second child, due any moment. Boyfriend Matthew Koma is the happy father.

A pungent little animal is on the loose, but all you’ll smell is cuteness…

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West – North West, Skunk

North West became the star of the home, on the prowl, without shoes on in her skunk costume. She was awaiting her father, Kanye West’s return so he could see her in the costume. But in the meantime, her mother, Kim Kardashian, couldn’t resist sharing her ‘little stinker,’ with the rest of the world on Instagram. Kim is a famous reality TV star, who started out as a stylist to the wealthy Paris Hilton and is married to one of the two wealthiest rappers in the U.S.

When you look this fierce, who can doubt that the force is with you?

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